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Ian Morrison At A Glance:

Ian is an internationally known author, consultant, and futurist specializing in long-term forecasting and planning with particular emphasis on health care and the changing business environment.

Ian is an internationally known author, consultant, and futurist specializing in long-term forecasting and planning with particular emphasis on health care and the changing business environment. He combines research and consulting skills with an incisive Scottish wit to help public and private organizations plan their longer-term future.

Ian has written, lectured, and consulted on a wide variety of forecast-ing, strategy, and health care topics for government, industry, and a variety of nonprofit organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia. He has spoken to a range of audiences from the boards of Fortune 100 companies to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. Ian has worked with more than 100 Fortune 500 companies in health care, manufacturing, information technology, and financial services. Recent client sponsors include XL Capital, Pfizer and Kaiser Permanente. He is a frequent commentator on the future for television, radio, and the print media.

Ian is the author of Healthcare in the New Millennium: Vision, Values and Leadership (Jossey-Bass, 2002). His previous book: The Second Curve – Managing The Velocity of Change (Ballantine, 1996) was a New York Times Business Bestseller and Businessweek Bestseller. Ian has co-authored several books and chapters, including Future Tense: The Business Realities of the Next Ten Years (William Morrow, 1994) and Looking Ahead at American Health Care (McGraw-Hill, 1988). He also has co-authored numerous journal articles for publications such as Chief Executive, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Across the Board, The British Medical Journal, New England Journal of Medicine, and Health Affairs.

Ian is a founding partner in Strategic Health Perspectives (SHP), (a forecasting service for clients in the health care industry), along with joint venture partners Harris Interactive and the Harvard School of Public Health’s Department of Health Policy and Management. Ian is President Emeritus of the Institute for the Future (IFTF) and Chair of IFTF’s Health Advisory Panel. From 1996-1999, Ian was retained by Accenture as Chairman of the Health Futures Forum, in that capacity he chaired a number of Health Futures Forums in Asia, Australasia, and North America.

Before coming to IFTF in 1985, Ian spent seven years in British Columbia, Canada, in a variety of research, teaching, and consulting positions. He holds an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in urban studies from the University of British Columbia; an M.A. in geography from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and a graduate degree in urban planning from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Spherion Corporation (an NYSE company); an immediate past director of the Health Research and Education Trust (HRET), the research and education arm of the American Hospital Association; a director of the Center for Health Design; and a director of the California Health Care Foundation. Ian also serves as a member of the Stakeholders Advisory Committee of the Program for Health Systems Improvement at Harvard University.

Ian is a proud member of GlobalScot, a network of Scottish expatriates convened by the new Scottish Executive to help promote Scotland’s economic development interests internationally. True to his Scottish roots, Ian is an avid, though average, golfer.

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  • The Second Curve

    Ian Morrison creates a revolutionary new business model that can be used no matter what the market upheaval. His theory is deceptively simple: you must ride the first curve-a company's traditional business carried out in a familiar corporate climate-to the all-important second curve. The second curve is the future-the new technologies, new consumers, and new markets that companies must command to survive and thrive.

    In the many companies Morrison profiles, leaders have learned to master both the first and second curves, to anticipate the rate and pace of change, to know when and how to jump from the first curve to the second, and whether and when to play both. This books sets forth all the crucial strategies and explains how businesses can apply them to rapidly changing situations.
  • Future Tense: The Business Realities of the Next Ten Years

    Future Tense is nothing short of a blueprint of the epochal forces that every businessperson must contend with-and vanquish-before this decade ends. In twelve chapters illustrated with informative, easy-to-read graphs and charts, IFTF principals Ian Morrison and Greg Schmid investigate the following fundamental issues that are transforming the climate of almost all businesses:

    The older and more educated American consumer
    The insecure and less loyal worker
    The globalization of almost every local market
    The decline of consumer brand loyalty
    Failing institutions, such as unions and political parties
    The public's quest for accountability in businesses
    Enabling technologies
    Examining these seven major changes in store for American business, Morrison and Schmid take the abundant, concrete data available to IFTF and turn it into solid advice that can take any business into the next millennium.
  • Health Care in the New Millennium: Vision, Values, and Leadership

    Morrison gives health care executives, doctors, and nurses a guided tour of what's in store for health care in the coming years and explains...

    Why our one-trillion-dollar health care industry has so many unhappy stakeholders
    Why investor-owned health systems are failing
    Why so few market-based reforms work
    Why health care leaders need new visions of what is possible for the future
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