Gotham Artists Influencer Marketing

Aside from being pop-culture fanatics, current events devour-ers, and cocktail tasting enthusiasts, Gotham Artists prides itself on being a leading talent agency whose true passion is connecting talents to brands, events, and organizations around the world.

Gotham Artists is proud to offer flexible and customized influencer solutions for national and international brands. As a full service agency, we can offer brand strategy, campaign execution, talent acquisition, analytics, and more.

Our top skills?

1.  Content Creation – we will work with you and our influencer partners to craft a campaign that excites and engages while meeting your marketing goals.

2.  Talent Acquisition – our network of influencers stands ready to engage!  We will work with you to find the perfect influencer for your campaign to ensure the highest level of engagement and impressions.

3. Contract and Campaign Support – Gotham’s agents will streamline the contract and campaign process, ensuring quick and easy contracting and providing regular updates on the progress of your influencer campaign.

Contact Gotham Artists to set up a call or grab a Zoom coffee with us to learn how we can maximize your next influencer project.

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Gotham is a creative, collaborative and committed mix of people with a shared passion for the power of storytelling. Our eclectic backgrounds and experiences pull from all facets of the entertainment, events, and marketing industries.

Gotham Artists brings together people that move the world to create ideas and opportunities that change the world. We connect brands and audiences worldwide with the great scientific minds changing how we live, political and the business leaders shaping our world, the inspirational storytellers reminding us anything is possible.