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James Canton
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James Canton At A Glance:

A renowned global futurist, author and global advisor to the Fortune 100, Dr. Canton has been forecasting the leading innovations and trends that have shaped our world for 25 years.

A renown global futurist, author and global advisor to the Fortune 100, Dr. Canton has been forecasting the leading innovations and trends that have shaped our world for 25 years. He is the CEO and Chairman of the Institute for Global Futures a San Francisco based Think Tank. He has advised three White Houses, over ten nations, and over 100 companies worldwide. He was on the founding advisory board of Singularity University, was a Apple Computer executive and has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox and NBC. He is the author of Future Smart, Technofutures and The Extreme Future.

  • The Extreme Future Of Health Care

    A series of radical trends and disruptions are reshaping health care. This profound transformation will change business models, standards of care, the management of disease and redefine the health care model. What will happen next will affect the future of business, science, the workforce and society. The transition from health care as disease care to prevention will transform human beings. Few organizations are prepared for the trends that are coming and what will be required to effectively navigate this future.
  • Web 2.0: The Future of the Internet

    Radical evolution of the Internet will continue to transform business, communications and society in fundamental ways. This keynote forecasts the key trends that will shape the Inernet--starting with Web 2.0 and going deep into the future--telepresence, social advertising, virtual reality, social networking, pervasive mobility, sensing and the impact on consumers.
  • Eco-Business: Towards a Sustainable Future

    Sustainability is a powerful new trend affecting markets, business and consumers. Changes in climate, oil, energy, security, pollution and eco-hazards create new risks and opportunities for business. This keynote shows how to develop an Eco-Business strategy that is clean and green.
  • The Innovator's Mindset

    Innovation is central competitive force of the 21st century organization. This keynote is a strategic overview of what leading innovators think and do to succeed. . Business cases where innovative leaders and companies are using strategies to grow market share, establish competitive advantage, better deliver customer experiences and enhance quality will be demonstrated.
  • Future Smart: Managing Extreme Change

    Managing change has become recognized as one of the key drivers of competitive advantage, growth and success for any business. Many of the challenges facing business can be overcome by better managing change. Being a faster, smarter change manager will be a vital competency for the 21st Century Leader. How leaders understand change and use change differently than the competition may become a secret weapon for building future growth and sustainability into their business. This keynote will teach leaders how to manage change for innovation to get the authentic benefits.
  • The Extreme Future: The Top Trends That Will Shape the 21st Century

    Based on Dr. Canton's acclaimed new book, The Extreme Future, this informative keynote provides a strategic overview of the top trends that will shape the future of business and society. Constantly updated with fresh research and forecasts, this keynote is a strategic briefing on what disruptions and opportunities are coming fast that will impact your world. Future trends covered include: Climate, energy, technology, the workforce, security, the economy, health care, demographics, entertainment, and lifestyles. Find out what's next and how to prepare today via this overview of the most recent forecasts that will shape the future marketplace, society and your life.
  • AgTech and the Future of Food

    Digital disruption is coming to the agriculture and food industry. Vertical farms, the blockchain, robotics, genetics, planet science, agri-genomics, wellness and functional foods represent a new era to feed a hungry world of 9 billion.
  • The Future of Energy

    What is next for energy innovations that may transform our world? From fusion, to the Hyperloop to methane mining on the moon, electric Post Tesla cars to sustainable solar energy harvesting and micro-grids. Ccome discover what's next for post-oil and clean-tech innovations.
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