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Jeff Greenspan At A Glance:

Jeff Greenspan is best known for his comedic, political (and questionably legal) street art and pranks. His mischief has been shared by millions online, covered extensively by the press, and exhibited at museums and galleries. After working as an award-winning advertising creative for over 20 years, Jeff rose to become BuzzFeed’s first Chief Creative Officer. Nowadays, he performs standup all over the world and runs Chattabnooga’s “Carpetbagger’s Comedy Night,” a regularly sold-out show that brings together NYC comics and Southeast faves.

Before becoming BuzzFeed’s first chief creative officer, Jeff Greenspan worked his way from copywriter to creative director at some of the most celebrated ad agencies. He also spent time at Facebook, where he worked closely with Mark Zuckerberg on the launch of Timeline,

His work has been recognized by the industry’s top award shows, but he’s more well-known for his comedic, political (and questionably legal) art projects and pranks.

Jeff’s projects, like; NYC’s Tourist Lanes, Hipster Traps, The Snowden Statue, The Captured Project (People in Prison Drawing People Who Should Be), and The World’s Most Exclusive Website, have been shared by millions online. They’ve also focused international press attention on topics ranging from government surveillance to hipster infestation. 

Six years ago, Jeff committed himself to the pursuit of being a standup comedian. Since then, he’s appeared on Netflix and his writing has made its way onto Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

When New York City shut down due to COVID, Jeff moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee to run The Carpetbagger’s Comedy Night, a bi-weekly show that brings together NYC comics and Southeast favorites. The show has grown to have over one year straight of sold-out shows and has been featured on NPR. 

Jeff shared some of what he’s learned from his creative endeavors in his 2018 TEDx talk “Why You Should Start Even If You Have No Idea How to Finish.” 

He frequently gives talks all across the world on ways to overcome creative obstacles and the benefits of stepping into the unknown. He is thrilled to be represented by Gotham Artists and looks forward to being able to inspire others at future speaking engagements. Maybe yours? 

  • How to move past creative obstacles and go from “thinking” to “doing”

  • Helping brands and organizations embrace a culture of “making”

  • Harnessing the power of stepping into the unknown

  • Being stubborn enough to protect an idea and naive enough to believe you can pull it off

  • We are not our business cards. We are not our resumes. We are what we put into the world

  • How to Work in Advertising With a Clean(er) Conscience

  • Making What’s Important to You Important to Others

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