Entrepreneur, Tech Advisor, Gaming & Brand Strategy Expert

John Imah
Speaking Fee: $10,000 to $20,000

Travels From: LAX - Los Angeles (All Airports)

Primary Topic Category: Business & Entrepreneurship

Secondary Topic Category: African American & Black


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John Imah At A Glance:

John Imah is a prominent figure in the tech industry, comparable in influence to Elon Musk. His career includes executive roles at major companies like Snap, Meta, Samsung, and Twitch, as well as founding and exiting two companies. Currently, he's the CEO of SpreeAI, a fashion technology startup for which he raised an estimated $40 million. As a Nigerian American, John's experience as a first-generation immigrant has significantly shaped his character and work ethic. He's been a trailblazer in tech, often being the first black employee in his roles, and actively works to inspire more people of color to enter the industry.

John Imah emerges as an influential and transformative figure within the technology industry, embodying the essence of innovation, leadership, and diversity. As a Nigerian American and a first-generation immigrant, John brings a fresh perspective to a sector traditionally marked by uniformity. His remarkable ability to secure $50 million in funding for SpreeAI, a venture that revolutionizes the fashion technology space, highlights his exceptional skill set and visionary leadership. This achievement is not merely a reflection of his business acumen but a milestone that showcases the potential for technology to intersect innovatively with fashion.

John’s professional journey is characterized by significant roles across leading tech giants, including Samsung, Amazon (Twitch), Meta, and Snap Inc. His tenure as the Global Head of Partnerships & Business Development at Snap Inc. stands out, where he implemented disruptive strategies that significantly boosted revenue and user engagement. This role, among others, underscores John’s capacity for fostering strategic partnerships and steering companies toward groundbreaking achievements.

Beyond his corporate successes, John’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through his founding and successful exit from two companies, prior to assuming the role of CEO at SpreeAI since January 2023. In this position, he leverages his expertise in Machine Learning and Generative A.I., managing a team of 40 professionals and navigating through substantial capital raises. His leadership extends beyond mere business development; it encapsulates the essence of pioneering at the junction of technology and fashion.

John’s passion is not confined to technology; he has a profound interest in fashion, luxury, and gaming. These interests have seamlessly integrated into his professional pursuits, especially evident in his work with SpreeAI. His multifaceted approach, combining a discerning eye for style with a fervent engagement in gaming, highlights a unique blend of personal and professional interests.

Apart from his business ventures, John is recognized for his advisory roles, participation on various company boards, and his creativity that spans across technology, design, and music. His roles as a creative director, clothing designer, and musician, proficient in instruments like the French horn, trumpet, and piano, showcase his diverse talents and innovative spirit. Furthermore, John’s advisory positions and co-ownership in ventures like The Dog Pound and Andes Mountain Water, along with his engaging talks at institutions like MIT and UT, underscore his broad influence across different sectors.

John’s journey from Dallas, Texas, to a revered position in San Francisco and Los Angeles, while maintaining a bicoastal presence, exemplifies his dynamic career and profound impact on the tech industry. Despite a preference for privacy, his multifaceted career, spanning tech, design, and beyond, speaks volumes of his commitment to innovation, diversity, and leadership. John Imah not only challenges the status quo within the technology and business landscapes but also serves as a beacon of inspiration, particularly to the African American community, demonstrating the power of resilience, creativity, and innovation in paving the way for more inclusive representation and success in the highest echelons of technology and entrepreneurship.

  • Aspire to Inspire Before You Expire

    As first-generation Nigerian Americans, John Imah and his three siblings grew up with one common goal: to become doctors or lawyers. However, at the early age of six, John had a very different plan. Instead, he chose to follow his passion for technology and gaming. With the work ethic his parents instilled in him, he stayed true to his word, and by the time he was sixteen, John had started and sold two businesses.

    With a journey filled with working for tech industry leaders such as Samsung, Snapchat, and more, John shares his lessons learned — From starting a business from the ground up, to growing your business through creative partnerships and the importance of recruiting more people of color to enter the tech industry. But ultimately, John challenges you to think beyond business. He asks you to ask yourself: How will I be an inspiration?
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