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Johnny Crowder At A Glance:

“The Next Evolution of Digital Mental Health Support" - FORBES
Johnny Crowder is the 30-year-old founder and CEO of Cope Notes, a science and text-based mental health platform that provides daily support to healthcare providers, employers, government agencies and individuals in nearly 100 countries around the world. He is also a mental health advocate, Certified Recovery Peer Specialist, a Million-plus views TEDx speaker and a Billboard charting band leader.

After more than a decade in the trenches battling his own mental health and substance abuse demons, Johnny Crowder has emerged as one of America’s exciting new voices on resilience, support and people-first leadership. He is a 30-year-old suicide/abuse survivor, TEDx speaker, touring musician, mental health and sobriety advocate, and the Founder & CEO of Cope Notes, a text-based mental health platform that provides daily support to users in nearly 100 countries around the world.

But in the years leading up to these incredible leaps in advocacy, every day was a battle against schizophrenic hallucinations and suicidal ideation. After a lifetime of resisting professional care and shying away from sharing his story, Johnny’s curiosity flowered, and the healing slowly began.

Armed with 10 years of clinical treatment, a psychology degree from the University of Central Florida, and a decade of peer support and public advocacy through the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Johnny created Cope Notes in 2019, which is fast gaining worldwide attention and adoption. 

Since his first keynote in 2011, Johnny’s refreshingly vulnerable and candid perspective has attracted praise from hundreds of outlets, including Upworthy, CNN, and Forbes.

With authenticity, well-placed humor and unconventional wit, Johnny draws on his own experiences to provide hopeful and proven insights into building greater mental health and a deeper connection with those around us.

Most recently, Johnny earned his CRPS certification (Certified Recovery Peer Specialist) in the summer of 2022.

  • Beyond Coping: A Candid Conversation about Resilience, Connection, and Happiness in the Workplace

    Crippling burnout. Chronic absenteeism. Rampant resignations. The multi-headed monster of compassion fatigue, longer working days, and employee isolation are damming up the rivers of productivity at thousands of companies. Employers are concerned—and rightfully so.
    Leveraging insights from his own lifelong mental health journey, Johnny Crowder shows audiences why talking about mental health should be as straightforward as talking about physical health, even in the workplace. In plain English, he shares the hard-won strategies for emotional wellbeing that led to the creation of his science-backed breakthrough mental and emotional support program, Cope Notes, which is now in use in nearly 100 countries around the world. This entertaining and actionable keynote program delivers proven steps to:
    •Build work cultures that proudly prioritize and support mental health for all
    •Rethink and reframe professional and personal challenges as they arise
    •Process mental and emotional distress in a way that builds relationships, confidence, and happiness
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