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Jouelzy is celebrating the diversity of women of color through discussions on complex cultural and lifestyle topics. Intersecting history with pop culture, Jouelzy empowers #SmartBrownGirls to find the power in their voice and define their own success stories.

With over 10 million views, Jouelzy curates weekly discussions to encourage women of color as they define their own success stories, emboldening them to push back against harmful social norms. Jouelzy provides a safe space for women of color to address complex cultural issues faced on a daily basis. Over 186k #SmartBrownGirls engage in discussions covering everything from mental healthcareerrelationships to tech and history/culture. With a dash of wit, snark and humor, Jouelzy educates her audience on historical and political context of trending pop culture topics in her popular #PopSnark series.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Jouelzy is a woman of the world having lived across the United States and traveled through GhanaTogo and South Africa. Some of her most popular discussions center around bridging the gap of the millennial and educating on the dynamic history of the African diaspora.

Reveling in all her ubiquity, Jouelzy in every facet is celebrating #SmartBrownGirls and encouraging each individual to embrace their unique diversity.

  • Rape Culture and the Policing of Women's Sexuality

  • The Image of Black Women in the Media and How it's Being Reshaped in Today's Pop Culture

  • Vulnerability and Mental Health in a Public Space

  • How the Marginalized Can Stop Marginalizing

Jouelzy: "Why I Started #SmartBrownGirls and Encourage Black Women to Care About Mental Health"

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Jouelzy is here to talk — and whether you're a #SmartBrownGirl or not, you should listen

In early May, Kanye West said something that made the nation groan — again. “When you hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years?! That sounds like a choice,” he bellowed, voice echoing across the walls ... Read more

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