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Justin Baldoni At A Glance:

Actor/director/producer/social entrepreneur, Justin Baldoni is proving to be a true quadruple threat with his powerful storytelling and innate ability to relate to others.

Actor/director/producer/social entrepreneur, Justin Baldoni is proving to be a true quadruple threat with his powerful storytelling and innate ability to relate to others. Baldoni currently stars opposite Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez on CW’s 1st ever Golden Globe nominated series “Jane the Virgin.”The series follows “Jane Villanueva”(Rodriguez) as she learns she was accidentally artificially inseminated with a specimen meant for another patient and needs to decide on how to handle the situation. In a twist of fate, the specimen belongs to Baldoni’s character, “Rafael,”a reformed playboy and cancer survivor, who is not only “Jane’s”former crush, but happens to be the new owner of the hotel where she works. The series airs on Monday nights at 9:00pm.

Born in Los Angeles, Baldoni grew up in Medford, Oregon. A star athlete in high school, he also spent his spare time as a radio disc jockey at the local KISS FM affiliate. When a hamstring injury left him unable to compete and forced to walk away from the Division 1 track team at Long Beach State, Baldoni moved to Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter, Baldoni took his passion for storytelling to pursue a career in acting. Baldoni began his career in television as a series regular on WB’s “Everwood,”alongside Emily Van Camp and Chris Pratt. Since then, he has appeared in numerous award winning TV series and notable films.

Baldoni’s talents and love for directing have also taken him behind the camera. In 2008, he produced and directed his first viral and award winning music video “Armed.”From there, he continued to build his music video and commercial career with the help of industry powerhouse “Oil Factory,”creating video and digital campaigns for the likes of Sony and Bank of America, as well as producing and directing music videos for a several top artists.

A few years ago, Baldoni combined his creative talents with his passion for giving back, and founded Wayfarer Entertainment, a digital, film and television Production Company focused on celebrating and elevating the human spirit through socially conscious and compelling media. In 2012, Justin and Wayfarer Entertainment partnered with Emmy nominated actor Rainn Wilson and his company, SoulPancake, to create the award winning web series “My Last Days.”The show focuses on people who are terminally ill, but choose to live out their final months being an inspiration to others. “My Last Days”has gone on to become one of the most watched online documentary series in history with over 30 million views to date.

Baldoni most recently directed the documentary “Rebel With a Cause: The Sam Simon Story,”about “Simpsons”co-creator and producer Sam Simon, who was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in 2012. The documentary recently premiered on Fusion to critical acclaim.

In May of 2015, furthering his aim of making his work a service to humanity, Baldoni will be venturing into the tech world with a socially conscious revolutionary app called “Shout”which he co-founded in 2014 with his partner and tech visionary Payam Zamani (Autoweb, Reply Corp). Shout will be the 1st and only app that gives every human being who has ever used social media a score telling them how positive of a person they are based on everything they have ever said online, and then will give them a chance to raise their score in fun, and unique ways. Baldoni created Shout to change the way we engage online and combat negative apps such as “Whisper”and “Secret”. His hope is that by creating a comprehensive score for positive influence, it will create a sense of responsibility with the words we use online and empower the world to begin to see the good in each other. Shout is slated to launch in May 2015 at college campuses around the country and released to the world in June.
In his own words, Justin believes that “the purpose of art is to elevate human consciousness…if we’re not doing good with it, what are we really doing?”

Baldoni currently resides in Los Angeles with his expecting wife Emily.

  • Making Work Your Service

    In an inspiring and uplifting talk Justin details his personal struggles and how he got to where he is by doing his best to live a life that benefits and supports others. Justin's true passion is service; a passion that was cultivated from his faith, family, and hardships. As the founder of a media company focused on impact, the creator of the Skid Rod Carnival of Love and someone who uses social media to elevate others, Justin does all he can to make his work his service and offers encouragement for students to do the same.

    Topics: Service, Volunteer, Religion, Spirituality,
  • Redefining Masculinity

    Justin Baldoni is more than the television star from the international hit Jane The Virgin, more importantly he's a father, a husband, and a feminist. Using his unique platform to challenge traditional notions of masculinity, Justin strives to look at what it means to be a man today and why redefining masculinity is so important right now.

    Topics: Gender Studies, Politics, Sociology, Media Studies
  • My Last Days: Changing the Conversation About Death

    In this challenging and perspective-shifting talk, Hollywood renaissance man Justin Baldoni talks about the popular show he created "My Last Days" and how it caused him to look at death and life a little differently. Justin uses clips from the shows, stories from the amazing individuals he encountered, and inspiration from ancient wisdom to challenge everyone to think about the way we talk about the one thing we will do: die.

    Topics: Religion, Spirituality, Personal Development,
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