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As a classical violinist turned innovative composer, Kai Kight uses music as a metaphor to inspire individuals and organizations across the world to compose paths of imagination and fulfillment. Now Available for Virtual Programs

As a classical violinist turned innovative composer, Kai Kight uses music as a metaphor to inspire individuals and organizations across the world to compose paths of imagination and fulfillment. Inspired by his own mother who, when diagnosed with cancer, revealed regrets of not bringing her ideas to the world, Kai is on a mission to spark a global mindset shift in which ingenuity is the norm, not the exception. In his emotionally powerful presentations, Kai performs mesmerizing original music and vulnerably shares stories from his own transformation as an artist. Kai translates these insights into takeaways that audiences can easily infuse into their own lives and work environments.

A product of Stanford University’s design and engineering program, the d. School, Kai remains fascinated by the leaders, artists, and companies who dare to be different. As both a Mayfield Fellow and Kleiner Perkins Design Fellow, Kai has proven himself as a leader of the next generation of innovative and entrepreneurial talent. As a musician, Kai has performed his original music for thousands in venues across the world, from the White House to the Great Wall of China. As a speaker, he has created impactful experiences for audiences at conferences, companies, and universities internationally. Some of his clients include The Walt Disney Company, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and the Super-bowl winning Seattle Seahawks. His mesmerizing and original violin performance beautifully becomes a sonic metaphor for the core of his message: to inspire people to compose unique ideas in a world that celebrates conformity. 

  • Compose Your World

    Why do some people just play notes they are handed while others write new music in the world? In this captivating presentation, Kai Kight tackles this question, performs original music and shares the inspiring story of how he became an innovative composer in a field of conformity. His session will leave you feeling inspired to take your future into your own hands and bring your unique ideas forward.
Kai was a huge success, our participants loved him, his visuals, performance, and really connected with his ‘artist vs musician’ message – with many quoting it later on during the event. It was actually difficult to tell who our audience appreciated more – Kai or Seth Godin, so that’s a huge compliment to Kai! He was such a delight to work with in the prep stage too and delivered even more than we had hoped for.  


Kai was a delight to work with, from his first run through to dinner with the Barfoot & Thompson family and I and then his presentation. You could hear a pin drop throughout his 45 minutes on stage, that was how well he held the audience in his hand. His message was well-received by the audience and his willingness to mix at the cocktail function with a variety of our people for close to three hours made all of us feel very special. We were then able to take him on a little tour of Auckland before he had to depart which I think he enjoyed. Kai felt like part of the family by the time he left and I hope when he is down here next in NZ that he takes the time to pop in and see us again. The whole day was a superb success and Kai was a large part of that. Thank you for your part in organizing him, Kate!

—CEO, Barefoot & Thompson

Both bold and yet sweetly provocative, Kai finished with a crowd of 500 people on their feet and yelling "bravo"! If you are looking for an energetic, motivational, and inspirational speaker and performer, I highly recommend Kai Kight.


Kai is an absolute powerhouse of raw talent whose passion rips through a crowd like wildfire! Kai is a sure bet to engage with any audience and leave them moved, captivated, and wanting more!

—Landmark Ventures

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