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Kate Ancketill Speaking Fee: $20,000 to $30,000

Speaking Fee:
$20,000 to $30,000

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LON - London (All Airports)

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Women's Events


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Kate Ancketill At A Glance:

As the CEO and founder of GDR, Kate has more than 25 years experience in business futurism and trends. She is the innovation partner to around 30 of the world’s largest consumer brands, supplying market leading consultancy and professional speaking to P&G, Tesco, Waitrose, Target, Sephora, Microsoft, Google, and Lego. Kate delivers compelling big-picture narratives on how macro forces are affecting the economy, the planet, culture and technology. Her team of researchers and strategists identify global trends and innovation case studies that represent successful business adaptation, from which others can learn.

The global thought-leader in business futurism. Kate is renowned for making complex societal shifts and emerging technologies relatable for any audience. Kate is the CEO and founder of business futurist consultancy GDR. For 25 years she has been the innovation partner to more than 30 of the world’s largest brands: P&G, Tesco, Target, Sephora, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Moet Hennessy, Costa Coffee, The BBC, and Lego among them. Her visually spectacular multi-media presentations draw from many industry sectors and all physical and digital channels, with a 3-5 year future time-frame. Every presentation is created specifically for your audience, with never-seen-before innovations that demonstrate successful adaptation to changing consumer behaviour. Kate’s insights have often been road-tested at board level, and every presentation benefits from the input of GDR’s researchers and strategists. Kate is a tech optimist, known for making complex global shifts in technology, geopolitics, demographics, economics and consumer behaviour relatable to anyone in business who needs to understand and adapt to today’s faster-than-ever changing commercial landscape.

You can expect a charismatic performance, whether on a large stage, at a corporate event, in the boardroom, or as a panellist.

Every presentation Kate gives has the WOW factor and will contain tailored research and analysis, Kate is renowned for inspirational WOW factor talks that are customised to each audience with bleeding edge innovation sourced by GDR’s research and strategy teams. Much of the thinking will have been road-tested with the world’s largest consumer-facing corporations, often at board level.

Kate has been invited to speak on future trends for the last 9 years by the National Retail Federation.


Kate gets among the highest feedback for speakers at the NRF Big Show every year - that’s why we’ve invited her to give the trends keynote for nine years running.

— Martine Reardon, Chief Marketing Officer and EVP of Content and Retail Strategy at NRF

I must say, once again, an outstanding speech at NRF! Congrats! Your idea of the “end of the abundance” is the best synthesis of everything we saw and heard at NRF. Everyone in Brazil is spreading your words about it!

— Caio Camargo Co-founder, VarejoCast

A lot of highly relevant insights and examples. And you are professional in how you present it. We just received feedback that this had the best engagement at Elkjøp so far

— Hans – Petter Dovre, Format Director, Elkjop Nordic AS (Currys Plc)

I think it’s fair to say that your delivery at the KBSA conference was breathtaking. You could have heard a pin drop at any stage! So thank you; you reignited my imagination and confirmed my desire for change and excitement for the future! I look forward to learning more through your posts and hope our paths cross again at some point!

— Ian Sandford, Chairman, Four Seasons Kitchens

A Meeting of Minds conference: How is AI changing the world? Feedback: Fascinating and scary 9.25/10 (highest of all speakers)

— James Goad, Managing Director, Owen James Events

One word kept coming up and up again when attendees were commenting on your session – ‘wow’.

— Claire Knott, Conference Director, The Retail Bulletin Conference 2022

Several of our delegates told us that you were the best keynote they have ever seen in their career. Great work and thank you for being part of our conference.

— Liz Smith, Senior Director, Verifone

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