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Kiesha Garrison
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Kiesha Garrison At A Glance:

Kiesha Garrison is a dynamic host who leads events & conversations that spark personal, professional, and cultural shifts. She combines her 20 years of experience as a business & culture leader at Time, Inc. & Microsoft with her skill as a standup comedian to bring versatility and memorable impact onstage. Kiesha has emceed several major events including Workhuman Live, Women in Tech Regatta, Microsoft Ready, & Microsoft Include. She has also delivered uniquely insightful interviews with well-known subjects Will Smith, Lenny Kravitz, Ed Catmull, and countless corporate, nonprofit, and community leaders.

With a 20+ year career that spans technology, media, and performing arts, Kiesha Garrison’s overarching mission is to connect people to the insight, resources, and experiences they need to thrive in their fullest self-expression.

Kiesha is a sought-after emcee who has hosted several marquee corporate events including Workhuman Live, Include 2021 (Microsoft’s groundbreaking global, digital event focused on diversity and inclusion) and Microsoft’s first-ever fully virtual Ready Conference. She has delivered insightful mainstage interviews with well-known subjects Will Smith, Ang Lee, Lenny Kravitz, Ed Catmull, and countless corporate, nonprofit, and community leaders.

Offstage, Kiesha is the Founder & CEO of Hey, Black Seattle, a company providing community-centered tech & media that connects people of the African diaspora that live in the Greater Seattle area. Via a data-driven search website, creative collaborations, and merchandise, Hey, Black Seattle! aims to be a beacon that shines a light on opportunities to sustain beautiful Black lives in the region.

In addition, Kiesha is the creator of YOU Better! – a platform that explores how oppression impact personhood and inspires deeper self-discovery. Along with hosting the YOU Better! interview podcast, Kiesha delivers stirring speeches and interactive sessions that spark deep personal inquiry and self-empowerment for corporate teams, schools, and community organizations.

  • Host/MC - Kiesha becomes a hub of energy & impact for your event or broadcast goals.

    Kiesha is a vibrant and strategic talent who delivers the orchestration, cohesion, and energy necessary to enhance every aspect of the audience experiences she leads. Drawing from her career as a corporate executive, stand-up comedian and conversation facilitator, she uses her gift of honoring multiple perspectives at once to deliver success for all stakeholders involved. The organizers, production team and speakers all receive a champion at the heart of the show who is alert to the opportunities that can make every moment magical for the audience.

    Kiesha brings an infectious performance that is well-tuned for either the intimacy of a camera or the expanse of a theater. She is adept at managing the dynamic needs of event production navigating teleprompters, correspondents, guest interviews, and more, with poise and vibrant personality.

    Whether in front of a Fortune 500 crowd, face-to-face with executives, or driving impact with community changemakers, Kiesha’s poise and thoughtfulness make her a must-have on-stage talent and event partner.

    Outcomes for Event Planners: Your audience has a unifying guide and Chief Energy Officer!

    • Speakers are supported in having their core messages amplified and connected to the event theme.
    • Your planning team gets an experienced partner in crafting an event that flows smoothly.
    • Your production crew receives an agile team member who can improvise and keep the show flowing.
  • Interviewer/Moderator: Multiple subjects. Big personalities. Virtual or in-person. No matter the scenario, Kiesha’s got the conversation covered.

    At the heart of every conversation is a person who values being deeply seen and truly heard. This belief is embedded in Kiesha's work as an interviewer. She goes in-depth with subjects to honor their truth while also unearthing usable insights for the audience. She brings empathetic energy, charisma, and humor (as appropriate) to meet guests where they are and go on a journey of learning together.

    Her skill also extends to the world of panel discussions – which are great for uncovering multiple perspectives on a subject. When panels are not well moderated, however, they run the risk of masking the very expertise you are trying to highlight and reducing field experts to shallow sound bites. Kiesha is experienced at curating, planning and hosting panels that offer speakers the space and opportunity to share the wisdom you intend to deliver to your eager audience.

    Outcomes for Event Planners:
    • A clear "owner" and point person for interview prep
    • Deep research on the subject to inform relevant questions and enlightening dialogue.
    • A solid plan for the conversation flow that covers your objectives and leaves space for serendipity.
    • Professional and entertaining delivery.
    • Panel orchestration that prevents an imbalanced or shallow experience.
  • Keynote/Workshop: YOU Better! Interactive sessions to spark self-empowerment

    As a culture leader in your organization, you care about fostering a sense of belonging and the spirit of creativity on your team. But that is difficult to achieve when team members are burdened by personal struggles and self-doubt. Low self-acceptance is a quiet enemy that causes daily stress and undermines teamwork and innovation.

    When people are secure from within, they operate from inner strength and trust rather than fear, obligation, and guilt. The whole team benefits when its members are supported in developing inner strength and wellbeing.

    In her highly-rated YOU Better! speeches and workshops, Kiesha unpacks how harmful conditioning burdens us and then guides attendees in the work of defining themselves for themselves. Through storytelling and prompts for reflection, she provides a trailhead for the path that leads to a stronger sense of self.

    Learning Outcomes: With Kiesha, People & Culture Leaders can offer:

    • Education of how systems of oppression and societal pressures influence individual identity
    • Understanding of the impact our decision to live as our true self (or not) has on us and the people around us
    • Clarity about personal core values & motivations
    • Tools for self-inquiry and declaring an answer to the empowering question “Who am I?”
Kiesha is a sparkling interviewer and host. From our earliest planning conversations to day-of-show changes, she was calm, poised, and prepared at every turn, easing the complexity of our event logistics. Kiesha brought intelligence, wit, professionalism, and empathy to the table, and her deft conversational guidance elevated our programming in thoughtful, meaningful ways throughout the event. Perhaps the most delightful part of working with Kiesha was a feeling that arrived during the event and stuck around like a warm glow long after I left the stage: the feeling of being seen, appreciated, and supported for who I am. An absolute treat!

— Shaya Lyon | Founding Executive Director, The Live Music Project

Kiesha is astonishingly versatile. Beyond being an incredible emcee and interviewer, she was a powerhouse behind the scenes scriptwriting, prepping speakers, and connecting dots for the entire team. The impact she had on our event was tremendous, and the BAM Innovation Conference team couldn't have done it without her.

— Allen Reitter Jr. | Employee Resource Group Program Lead, Blacks at Microsoft

We have hired Kiesha as an emcee for our annual event for the last 3 years. We love her energy and tone. Her mix of humor paired with serious subjects is her superpower. She is all heart and makes magic wherever she goes.

— Melody Biringer | Founder, Women in Tech Regatta

Kiesha is a natural…charming, intelligent, naturally charismatic and utterly telegenic, she is easy to direct and is a pleasure to have on set. She can easily read complex or technical copy from teleprompter and is equally comfortable improvising conversation monologue from outlines and talking points. Kiesha is easy to recommend without hesitation for any host/anchor/interviewer/MC opportunity.

— Bob Bejan | Corporate Vice President: Global Events & Production Studios, Microsoft

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