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Larry Bailin Speaking Fee: $10,000 to $20,000

Speaking Fee:
$10,000 to $20,000

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Larry Bailin At A Glance:

Larry Bailin is a sought-after keynote speaker, two-time bestselling author, award-winning entrepreneur/executive, and a real crowd favorite across the country. A true expert on sales, marketing, and consumer behavior in a modern connected world. Your audience will earn a lifetime of business growth knowledge after seeing Larry on the stage, and they’ll have fun doing it! Larry’s speaking topics touch on the most up-to-date and crucial sales and marketing issues facing businesses of all sizes.

Larry Bailin is a marketing pioneer, bestselling author, accomplished motivational keynote speaker and an award-winning entrepreneur.

Larry is a unique speaker, he has a strong desire to provide an audience with value that goes beyond a motivational speech.

“Lots of speakers are very accomplished at getting an audience motivated, but motivation alone is short lived. I need to motivate my audience as well as provide value and actionable ideas that lead to real positive change in their businesses and lives.”

Larry has been the speaker of choice for discriminating organizations such as NAMM, GE, UPS, Microsoft, Carrier and others for nearly two decades. He takes every inch of that extra mile to connect with audiences on a personal and professional level, providing thought provoking and relatable content, every time he steps on the stage.

Hiring Larry Bailin as your speaker means your audience will not only enjoy a speaker who is dynamic, personable, extremely funny and knowledgeable, they will feel as if Larry understands their struggle, because he does! Larry is an accomplished marketing executive as well as one of the top sales producers in his industry, selling millions of dollars of marketing services every year, that produces hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for his clients. Self-made, self-started and self-funded, Larry started life at the bottom and rose above it all. From the projects of Newark New Jersey, to one of the foremost authorities in marketing today.

When you read audience testimonials about Larry Bailin, you’ll notice that Larry has an uncanny knack of connecting with his audience on an insider level. Larry customizes his topics and presentations specifically to the audience in front of him and their unique needs. Nothing is canned or irrelevant. People leave far better and more prepared to win, after having enjoyed a Larry Bailin presentation.

Larry Bailin’s Key Accomplishments Include… Larry Bailin is considered one of the foremost experts in the marketing world and widely considered a pioneer in digital marketing. Larry is an accomplished keynote speaker and speaks globally before audiences of 100 to 3000, across numerous industries.

Larry Bailin’s expertise encompasses digital marketing, traditional marketing and sales, including: customer behavior, branding, search, social, future trends, marketing execution and much more. An award-winning CEO, best-selling author and entrepreneur, as well as a go-to expert and contributor for the media. Larry has written for and been featured in, articles for Yahoo!, The Street, CNN Money, Entrepreneur Magazine, DM News, Tech News, USA Today, Fortune Small Business, AOL and others. Larry has also written for Yahoo!’s search marketing blog and was called, “One of the Top Minds in the Business”by the Yahoo! search marketing team.

Why Larry Bailin

A true audience favorite for nearly two decades. Top rated by audiences around the world, a veteran speaker with real world business insight. Humorous, engaging, approachable and thought provoking. Larry Bailin is a speaker you’ll never forget and you’ll be thrilled you hired. There is no better.

Larry is currently working on his second book titled, BADASS MARKETER, due out in early 2018.
Copies of his current best-selling marketing book, Mommy, Where Do Customers Come From? can be made available for audience members as well as a personalized book signing.

Larry Bailin is a born and raised Jersey boy and currently lives at the Jersey Shore, and yes, he brings some of that renowned Jersey swagger to the stage.

What is being said about Larry Bailin:
• Your presentation changed my reality. My business is my livelihood, and I know I have to keep up in order to thrive. Having seen many sessions, presentations, clinics, and the like – I don’t believe any has had me literally crying immediately after because of the emotions that were stirred. Seriously, I tried explaining what I had just learned when I met up with my husband afterward and I couldn’t get the words out! My attempt to shake your hand to show you my appreciation for the work that you do was to convey a much simpler sentiment. I heard you. My business will benefit greatly because of the information you provided. My eyes have been opened like never before. ~ C. Cook. Board of Directors.

• Larry Bailin delivered one of the most talked-about sessions in recent NAMM Show history. He inspired our members, gave them the push they needed to take their marketing to the next level and left them with a greater perspective on their businesses. He did his research on the industry and delivered hands-on tactics our members could take home and implement right away. Afterwards, he stayed behind to make sure he met with every attendee one-on-one who had questions. He was easy to work with and received extremely high praise from our members. ~ Z. Phillips, Marketing Director.

• Larry spoke to over 1000 people at the conference and was VERY funny, engaging, just an overall great speaker, the best at the conference and one of the best I’ve ever seen. Great topic and breadth of knowledge like no other; he knows his stuff. I also read his book on the plane ride back to AZ and loved it. ~ S. Taylor, Global Assembly Leader.

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