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Lauren Berger is CEO & Founder of both and, reaching over 6 million people and connect them with their dream careers.

Lauren Berger is CEO & Founder of both and, reaching over 6 million people and connecting them with their dream careers.

Her new book Get It Together; Ditch the Chaos, Do the Work, Design Your Success was released November 2018 (McGraw-Hill). Berger has been a featured keynote at 200+ colleges, universities, leadership conferences, and entrepreneurship events. Her previous titles include the best-selling All Work, No Pay and Welcome to the Real World. Berger’s Youtube Channel, has over 1.2 million views and releases new content every Wednesday. Her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn reach over 100,000 people. Berger’s career advice has been featured on The Today Show, KTLA, Fox & Friends, Marie Claire, WhoWhatWear, Refinery29, Entrepreneur on Fire, Bustle, CNBC, Entrepreneur, Glamour, and more. Berger not only delivers unique career advice to her audience, but also serves as a marketing agency that helps leading brands activate brand ambassadors and establish a presence with both college students and young professionals worldwide. Berger’s business has doubled in recent years and her current roster of clients includes Michael Kors, Keurig, Whole Foods, Schwinn, Duncan Hines, Estee Lauder, and over 30 other major brands.


    With fierce competition creating a proverbial tug-of-war for landing a top internship, it's no wonder everyone worries about an internship opening the gates to the job of their dreams. Lauren Berger, CEO & Founder of, and known as "The Intern Queen" gives a passionate talk about what it takes to be successful today. She guides Gen-Z audience through the themes of leadership, embracing rejection, taking initiative, and cultivating professional contacts. Join Lauren as she takes you through the entire internship journey—from application process to internship offer. She'll discuss resumes, cover letters, interviews, social media, internship prep, and how to turn that internship into a job. Her personal stories make her an approachable yet aspirational source of advice. Lauren has an uncanny ability to challenge anyone who might already be interning to bring their career A-game to the next level. She will also inspire those who haven't started their career path to get their head in the game. This talk will allow anyone to turn her advice into actionable steps towards a rewarding career.

    In this presentation, Lauren talks about how her business (Intern Queen) has been able to market to and touch the lives of over 5 million young people. Lauren has parlayed this access and experience to start her college marketing agency (IQ Agency). She talks about how they attracted clients like Michael Kors and The Ford Motor Company to interact with this massive market through specialized programs. Lauren discusses her unique college brand ambassador programs and gives you the cliff notes on what works and what doesn't work with experiential marketing campaigns. She'll tell you exactly how to fine-tune your brand/product/service and market it to a millennial audience. Some of Lauren's key points include catering to your super fans, making your campaign cohesive, avoiding reinventing the wheel, and making students part of your brand identity. This talk is packed with energy, inspiration and, most importantly, tons of insightful learnings to help you avoid mistakes during your first college marketing campaign.
  • How I Hustle. Start a Business. Make it Work.

    Lauren Berger may be the nation’s most popular career and internship expert, but she’s also built quite a business over the past 10 years with $5,000 dollars. In this presentation, Lauren tells her story – how she got from her days as an intern herself to her role as the Intern Queen today. She discusses the challenges she’s faced as a young entrepreneur: how she taught herself to build a business from the ground up, how she brands herself, how she finds new leads, how she runs and manages her team – and ultimately, how she hustles. This talk shows a vulnerable side to entrepreneurship as she opens up about the hardest parts of being a young business owner. She also talks about what struggles she’s faced as a young woman in business. In this talk, you’ll hear her ROAR!—a candid and empowering conversation about female empowerment and business ownership.
I love what you do because, even though it may not the traditional look of what many may consider service, it really reflects a drive to help others. Keep it up!

— Melissa Rush, student

Thank you for taking the time to speak at the 2019 VCCs conference, my friends and I really enjoyed it. I have been interested in internships for a few months now and I think your speech has given me the push I need to just go for it. Right after your speech, I went on LinkedIn and started looking for internships.

— Lauren Feather, Student

Lauren is one of the brightest and most passionate and articulate young leaders out there today, inspiring a whole generation of young women to take their careers into their own hands. Girls, do whatever Lauren says! Immediately! You won't regret it.

— Randi Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder of Zuckerberg Media

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