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Mohsin Zaidi
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Mohsin Zaidi At A Glance:

Mohsin Zaidi is an award-winning author, commentator and lawyer. His critically acclaimed memoir, A Dutiful Boy was named Book of the Year and won the prestigious Lambda Literary Award. His book is a profound meditation on the power of the human heart to transcend the contradictions of diverse cultures. Mohsin qualified as a lawyer at international firm Linklaters, and is currently a criminal barrister. He is also an advocate for LGBT rights.

Mohsin Zaidi is an award-winning author, commentator and lawyer. His memoir, A Dutiful Boy (Penguin, 2020) won the Polari Prize, the Lambda Literary Award and was named Guardian, GQ and New Statesman Book of the Year;  providing a personal insight into issues of diversity and inclusion, mental health and justice.

The Guardian describes it is ‘a profound meditation on the power of the human heart to transcend the contradictions of diverse cultures and create something new…utterly compelling…providing a lesson of acceptance for us all, and for the future of our multicultural society’. The Times says it is a book that will save lives.

An advocate for LGBT rights, BAME representation and social mobility, Mohsin sits on the board of Stonewall and is listed by The Financial Times as a top future LGBT leader. A regular commentator on Sky News, he also writes for CNN Style, Bustle, Mr Porter and Newsweek and was recently listed in The Lawyer Magazine Hot 100.

The first person from his school to go to Oxford University, Mohsin subsequently qualified as a lawyer at Freshfields and is now a management consultant at advisory firm Hakluyt. He has also previously worked at a UN War Crimes tribunal in The Hague and as Judicial Assistant to Lord Sumption and Lord Wilson at the UK’s Supreme Court.

  • Mental Health

    Mohsin addresses the stigma around mental health within ethnic minority communities and draws a parallel between it and a cultural stigma around discussing mental wellbeing at work. Through very personal and at times harrowing tales, Mohsin articulates the case for honesty in personal identity within yourself but also at work and amongst colleagues.
  • Social mobility

    The single most pressing issue of diversity facing society and businesses is the one to which we give the least attention. While measures of equity on race/gender/sexuality move in the right direction, the gap between rich and poor continues to widen. Through personal experience of growing up in a council house and going to school ridden with gang violence (a school from which he became the person to go to Oxford University), Mohsin addresses the issue of class bias and discusses what we can do about it.
  • D&I / Intersectionality

    None of us are just one thing and Mohsin is the personification of an intersectional life. On race, Mohsin has the facts and figures to back up the experiences of ethnic minorities we so often hear about in the news. On class, he speaks candidly about the difference between the world he came from and the world he now lives in. On sexuality, he describes the struggle to accept yourself in the face of cultural stigma. But the strength in his experience lies in the intersectional tale it tells.
  • The power of representation

    Through eye opening stories in a professional and personal context, Mohsin explains how diverse representation in key roles doesn’t just demonstrate a commitment to being an inclusive organisation but adds value to it.
  • Book group

    Q&A with a senior person from the company around critically acclaimed memoir ‘A Dutiful Boy’ drawing on all the strands Mohsin writes and speaks on.
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