USA Gymnast, Emmy-winning News Anchor, Corporate Leader, and Best-Selling Author

Nina Sossamon-Pogue
Speaking Fee: $10,000 to $20,000

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Primary Topic Category: Inspiration / Motivation / Overcoming Obstacles

Secondary Topic Category: Mental Health / Wellness / Self-Help


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Nina Sossamon-Pogue At A Glance:

Nina Sossamon Pogue, is known for her success in Sports, TV, and Tech and for openly sharing her failures. A former USA Gymnast, Emmy-winning News Anchor, Corporate Leader, and Best-Selling Author, Nina shares breathtaking stories of success and setbacks that inspire resilience. Using a science-backed, data-driven, Stoic Philosophy-infused approach, she empowers high achievers to navigate challenges of all sizes. With 15+ years in TV and 10+ years in tech leadership, Nina is uniquely skilled to energize audiences and enhance employee well-being in corporate settings.

Nina Sossamon Pogue makes you believe you can handle anything life throws at you. A former USA Gymnast, Emmy-winning News Anchor, successful Corporate Leader, and Best-Selling Author, Nina is energetic and on a mission to help others thrive and reach their goals.

Nina shares an unforgettable message of resilience and offers her Science-backed, Data-driven, Stoic philosophy-infused framework to take control of your life story and handle any plot twist life throws at you.

With a focus on smart audiences and high achievers, she is on a mission to “Help Hardworking Humans Thrive Through Tough Times’. Using her astonishing stories of success and failure as a backdrop, Nina takes audiences on a motivational journey into their own strengths, helps them build their ‘Reverse Resume’, and shows them how to thrive in the “High Achievers’ Success Cycle”.

Nina’s first book, This is Not The End: Strategies to Get You Through the Worst Chapters of Your Life (2019 Morgan James Publishing) offers readers strategies to handle life’s most difficult challenges and control their own destiny.

Nina’s very public career is powered by her compulsion to encourage and help others. As a teenager Nina was named Miss Congeniality at the USA Gymnastics Championships, later she was voted Charleston’s Favorite News Anchor for 10 consecutive years, and named a ‘Woman of Distinction’ by the state of South Carolina.

Authentic and intelligent, with a contagious energy, Nina’s 15+ years on TV combined with her 10+ years on the leadership team at a high-growth technology company make her uniquely qualified to speak to a corporate audience.

  • You Got ‘THIS’: Ignite Your Resilience Superpower

    No one said THIS would be easy. This presentation is an unapologetic wake up call to remind today’s workforce of the inherent power they possess.

    Adversity of all sizes is sidetracking and stressing even our best and brightest. It has whole companies working in a low gear and many of them don’t realize it. It’s costing organizations millions in people and productivity.

    Nina unpacks why some people take on a challenge and handle change while others falter. She enlightens audiences that there will always be challenges as we strive to reach new levels of success. Then she poses the question, what if everyone confidently rose to the challenge.

    Nina gets audiences to reframe how they think about a challenge, the strengths they bring to a project, and their role. She emboldens them to be part of the solution, then gives them an elegant, repeatable framework to handle anything that gets in their way.

    This presentation is an Aha! experience into personal strength. Using the word ‘THIS’ to represent challenges of all sizes, Nina shows audiences how to put ‘THIS’ in its place and take control of the anxiety and stress that ‘THIS’ creates.

    Audience Outcomes:
    •Discover their ‘Reverse Resume’ to recognize their past accomplishments and strengths
    •Learn THIS Resilience framework to navigate unexpected situations effectively
    •Build the confidence to face any future challenges with the mindset, "You can handle THIS!"
  • You’re Wired for ‘THIS’, Resilience for High Achievers

    Our best people, making their numbers and hitting their targets, are often the most stressed, questioning their ability to push to that next milestone. Nina takes smart audiences from stressed by the struggle to proud to be the high achievers doing the hard work. She empowers leaders and teams to break through THIS and achieve unprecedented success.

    Nina hits top contributors who are setting goals, hitting KPIs, and making their quarterly numbers with the reality that they can carry the most stress! This is an Aha! lesson in being a high achiever, and audiences leave with a framework to handle the constant challenges ahead.

    Addresses FOMO, social pressures, and imposter syndrome, Nina uncovers the Machine Learning that has today’s hard workers in a constant feedback loop of ‘you could do better.’ Using her own very public successes and failures as a backdrop, she helps audiences embrace the constant stress that comes with success.

    Nina expertly takes you from feeling you are ‘stuck in the spin’ of our technologically advancing era and its immense cognitive load, to feeling ‘excited to be on the ride’ and harnessing the momentum. This powerful session is packed with actionable insights to increase productivity and improve culture.

    Audience Outcomes:
    • Understanding The High Achiever Success Cycle and its impact on mental health
    • Embracing the excitement of working your success instead of feeling stuck in a stressful spin.
    • Crafting a Reverse Resume to acknowledge achievements and strength gained over time
    • Equipping themselves with the Resilience framework to effectively tackle upcoming challenges
  • Resilience 101: ‘THIS’ is the Superpower you need for Success. *For College and Young Audiences

    Young people today will face challenges we can’t yet imagine and aim for milestones beyond anything we’ve achieved, but do they know how to fail and keep going? Nina dives into how our constantly connected FOMO culture can make us doubt ourselves and want to give up, then she gets young audiences excited about all the ways their future could play out and gives them a framework to handle any challenge, so they know ‘They Can Handle This’.

    Success isn’t simple and sh*t happens, so learning to handle problems like a pro is a key to your success. Unless you plan to sit on the sidelines and watch someone else succeed, you’re in the game, and knowing what to do when things don’t go as planned is like having a cheat code!

    Nina gets young audiences to think in new ways about the highs and lows that will come with trying to succeed in today’s technology-infused, FOMO world. Using her own stories as a successful athlete in high school and college, her years being ‘popular’ on TV, and decade as a ‘successful’ Tech executive, Nina authentically shares the failures that accompanied her success and takes young audiences into their own possible futures full of successes and failures.

    A parent of three recent college graduates, Nina’s talk is current and connects today’s digital overload, constant connectivity, machine learning and FOMO culture. Audiences facing the stress of this era of hyper-advancing technology are pressure to succeed are empowered to take control of their cognitive load, be themselves, and get excited about all the different ways their futures could play out.

    Audience Outcomes:
    • Discovering the link between adapting, resilience, and success
    • Understanding the significance of technology on mental health
    • Acquiring the Resilience framework to confidently navigate future challenges.
Nina is a pro. She knows how to handle a room from the stage and she could jump back stage and help trouble shoot AV issues. She knows her stuff and she’s fun to work with. Nina understands the sublime and what it takes to emotionally communicate an impactful message to every single person in the audience – and that is a rare gift.

— Quinn McMurtry | Producer & Creative Director | MAC Productions AV & Live Event Production

We have speakers all the time – Nina and her team really did the research to find out what this audience (GE) is about and really tailored her presentation to meet the needs of the actual audience. Her message is professional yet personal.

— Lori Lombardi / President, One Connection Management Group

Nina is great to work with because she gets it from the planning side of the speaker business. Because she has lead marketing and events teams, she knows the value of learning the audience, showing up on time prepared, and delivering on her promises.

— Hunter Smyth | Director, Event Marketing | Benefitfocus

Her energy is contagious! It is obvious that Nina takes time to prepare. She gives the audience useful advice that they can take back to their companies, and use for their personal success too.

— James Kelly | Senior Vice President, Sales | HSA Bank

We have heard so much positive feedback about Nina’s speech at our annual breakfast event. I even got “BEST ONE YET!”. She really connected and made an impact on our attendees. There was one moment when I think no one took a breath. She's so motivational.

— Cady Nell Keener | Co- Chair | Ellevate SC

Nina connected with our group from the start and her message really resonated with our operators. I love that she gave them practical and tangible things, like tools in a tool box, that they could take home and put into practice in their own life and business, without reading a book or having to study. She knocked it out of the park.

— Kathy Wonderly, Chick-fil-a

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