Co-Founder of THINX & Daybreaker

Radha Agrawal

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< $25,000

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New York, NEW YORK

At a glance:

Radha synthesized her methods for community building, peeling back the curtain on exactly what she's implemented in her successful organizations so that others could do the same. Now Available for Virtual Programs

Radha is a community force. She is an award winning social entrepreneur, advisor and investor and started two different global movements in two different industries, building one of her companies to over 150 million dollars and Daybreaker, the early morning dance community to over 500,000 community members in 30 cities around the world.

She wrote the best-selling book BELONG: FIND YOUR PEOPLE CREATE COMMUNITY AND LIVE A MORE CONNECTED LIFE, and just went on a 9-stadium tour with Oprah for three months earlier this year with over 135,000 people in attendance. MTV named her as one of eight women who will change the world.

While she architects communities and speaks all around the world, her most coveted title is mother to her 16 month old Solei. She, her partner Eli and daughter Solei live in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Community Building 101

    Despite all our “friends”, “followers” and “users”, we are feeling more isolated than ever. Radha Agrawal calls this “community confusion.” She believes leaders need to cultivate their personal communities beyond business. When leaders find support, they create connections (both personal and within their teams), which studies show are our key to happiness, fulfillment, and success.
  • How to Build Your Dream Community From Scratch

    To create community, Radha says you first need to take a look at your values, interests, and your abilities, instead of looking outward. Once you have a good sense of your values, interests, and abilities (your VIA), you start to build your community around these attributes. Radha says that any great community requires an intention of DOSE — releasing you dopamine (pleasure), oxytocin (physical touch), serotonin (sense of belonging), endorphins (moving your body). How can you set up your community so you can trigger these states in people? For her, dance is the ultimate weapon for community building.

    DAYBREAKER is a morning dance movement with a community of 500,000+ members across 28+ cities around the world that inspires humans to start their day unlike any other — by waking up and dancing in iconic spaces, sober, first thing in the morning. Every experience is designed with the Daybreaker D.O.S.E. method, backed by UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center, to release the brain's quartet of happy brain chemicals: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins.

    As citizens of the world, we all have the responsibility for uplifting our community and beyond. With her years of experience of social entrepreneurship, building THINX, Super Sproutz, Daybreaker and Liveitup, Radha shares how to identify business opportunities and build it with the mindset for providing a greater cause.

    In the world of business, the power of connecting and community is underestimated. In this eye-opening talk, Radha shares the key to being a female leader and entrepreneur: to lean in with empathy. Radha will share her personal stories of being the only woman in the boardroom, being the leader as a CEO of multiple companies, and what it means to lean in with empathy.
  • DAYBREAKER Live Stream

    Radha takes her popular DAYBREAKER dance party virtually--getting your employees and students moving and more important, staying connected to each other. Every experience is designed with the Daybreaker D.O.S.E. method, backed by UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center, to release the brain's quartet of happy brain chemicals: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. Radha can customize movements and messages specifically to your group: whether your audience needs an extra D.O.S.E. of motivation, community building tips, or just movement--DAYBREAKER VIRTUAL is perfect for keeping your audience engaged. While the digital landscape can be an isolating place, Radha, an expert in creating and maintaining lasting communities, is here to strengthen your team's connection.
Just as Radha has done with Daybreaker, she brought our community together despite physical distancing. Her message was relevant and uplifting at a critical time, and her virtual delivery was high-energy and professionally produced.


Radha is a force of nature. Her talks are energetic, inspiring, generative and I can’t wait to hear her speak again at our next CEO Summit!

—John Mackey, Co-Founder & CEO of Whole Foods Market

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