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Rebecca Heiss
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Rebecca Heiss At A Glance:

The scariest thing to me is living a life full of fear. That’s not living. That’s relying on fear-based instinct to make choices for us. I’ve dedicated my life to pushing back on those instincts and leaning into the discomfort. When was the last time you danced without hearing that little voice in your head questioning “what will other people say” and “your hips do NOT move like that!” I ask people to challenge those voices in their daily lives. To make sure we are all making the most of this thrilling life we are so privileged to live.

Rebecca is dedicated to helping us overcome our fear – fears that hold us back, fears that we’re often not even consciously aware we have. Her research has been designated “transformative” by the National Science Foundation and it is waking up audiences around the world.

While she incorporates fascinating scientific research, make no mistake – this is no boring academic lecture. Audiences are immediately won over with Rebecca’s warmth, surprising humor and palpable energy that brings crowds to their feet.

Through storytelling and interactive interludes, Rebecca’s “fearless” message inspires hope and actionable insights to train our brains to work for us, rather than against us in times of uncertainty.


    Our brains aren’t built for optimal performance, happiness, or inspired leadership. They are built simply to keep us alive. The result? We avoid difficult conversations, and confrontations, workers are disengaged, and we exist our way through work and life. MEH.

    But the solution lies within each of us. Rather than allowing our biology to hold us back, we can use it to work with us, unlocking our highest potential and learning that when we fear(less), we make room for so much more.

    Keynote audience will leave with tools that enable them to:

    •Identify and breakthrough personal biological barriers to optimal performance.
    •Evaluate and neutralize subconscious fears that prevent them from playing all in
    •Utilize awe in place of fear to drive performance, collaboration, and engagement.

    Our brains believe the stories we tell them. Without conscious effort, they are negativity seeking missiles, but we have the power to change that. Rather than allowing our stress to spiral resulting in decreased performance and an array of health problems, we can use our biology to work with us, turning stress into a positive experience that pushes us toward better outcomes.

    Keynote audience will leave with tools that enable them to:

    •Re-categorize stress as a strength that can drive performance
    •Utilize a 3-step scientific technique to shift stress mindsets from ordeal to adventure
    •Enable positive communication, ideation, and creative collaborations to lead through ambiguity with a beginner’s mind

    No blame. No finger pointing. No guilt. Fear(less) Diversity is all about not running away from the critical conversations we need to better understand the instincts and systems that drive us to carry bias. No matter our background, we all carry some shortcuts and biases about others (and ourselves!). It doesn’t make us bad people- it makes us human! But when we understand the programming that drive these stories, we can be more effective in intervening before they negatively affect our relationships and performance.

    Keynote audience will leave with tools that enable them to:

    •Understand the root of subconscious bias and stories that lead to unproductive behaviors.
    •Engage with less fear in difficult conversations.
    •Adopt a clear common external enemy to decrease internal conflict and increase cooperation and connection.
Your message is an important one for those who lead credit union teams to lean into. We are so grateful that you amazed our attendees and inspired them to "rewire" their brains and fight for justice that will provide equal footing to their employees and to their members on Main Street.

— Troy Stang, President/CEO Northwest Credit Union Association

Your presentation was met with rave reviews! The attendees were given specific takeaways and tangible ideas that can be put to use right away. Your content was very interconnected and cohesive. We couldn't be more pleased with what you delivered - thank you!

— Teresa Miller, Intuit

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