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Sekou Andrews At A Glance:

For over 15 years Sekou Andrews has been helping the world’s largest organizations deliver relevant information with riveting inspiration through an innovative, unconventional category of speaking called “Poetic Voice.”

Imagine harnessing the power of an engaging opening video, an electric closing performance, and an insightful main stage keynote all in one dynamic presentation. For over 15 years Sekou Andrews has been helping the world’s largest organizations deliver relevant information with riveting inspiration through an innovative, unconventional category of speaking called “Poetic Voice.”

With his uncanny ability to humanize complex business topics ranging from disruption and innovation to purpose and collaboration, it is no surprise that Forbes Magazine has called Sekou “the de facto poet laureate of corporate America.”Sekou’s “wow-factor”is in high demand with the world’s most successful organizations across every industry, including Google, Viacom, Toyota, Blue Shield, Nike, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, General Mills, Capital One, Linkedin, and Genentech to name but a few.

A one-time schoolteacher turned two-time national poetry slam champion, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and award-winning recording artist, Sekou has over 2 decades of experience rocking diverse audiences. His work has been featured on ABC World News, MSNBC, HBO, Showtime, MTV and BET. He has given private performances for Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Quincy Jones, Larry King, Hillary Clinton, Coretta Scott King & family and President Obama. Sekou has even returned to the “classroom” teaching his rockstar secrets to public speakers through his highly effective Stage Might™ speaker training system, that helps leaders become more dynamic communicators by applying performance techniques to business stages.

From bold thinking and success, to healthcare and tech, Sekou’s presentations are rich with actionable insight that help attendees connect more deeply with their communities, become more influential leaders, and unlock greater possibilities.

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    — Customized Poetic Presentation
    — Trainings & Workshops
    — Event Hosting
    — Interstitials
    — Entertainment Performance
  • Be Voiceful! How To Be Mighty on Any Stage

    Themes: Dynamic Communication, Leadership, Public Speaking, Influence, Storytelling

    "Your vision is only as powerful as your voice."

    Sekou has built a successful speaking career having never been trained as a speaker. It is his training as a performer that makes him stand out as rockstar in the speaking world. So this fun and interactive keynote reminds leaders that sometimes you must learn from outside of your industry to stand out within your industry. Stage Might is Sekou's highly effective training system that teaches rockstar secrets to public speakers, influencers and leaders by applying the proven techniques of performers (songwriters, comedians, actors, dancers, improv artists) to business communications.

    The most fun your audience has had while learning:
    — How to become a more confident and compelling communicator
    — How to engage any audience in the first 2 minutes of any speech
    — How to humanize your leadership by connecting authentically with audiences
  • Disruption Mindset Shift

    Themes: Disruption, Technology, Keeping Pace, Forward Thinking, Innovation

    "Disruption is not just a concept, it's a feeling … its a mindset."

    Offering fresh perspectives on embracing failure and keeping pace with change, Sekou not only speaks to the impact of disruption on an industry, he embodies it! As an entrepreneur and artist who set out to disrupt the speaking industry with his unconventional and impactful category of speaking called poetic voice, Sekou has spent the past 15 years inspiring audiences of every industry think bigger, be bolder, and disrupt themselves. This rollercoaster of a speech is the embodiment of those ideas. Just when you think you know where it's going, it turns on a dime while offering valuable insight and inspiration from the diverse voices of consumers, technology, millennials, and more! Sekou will share his stories and strategies on how he transforms the way global leaders and organizations approach embracing change and inspiring innovation through his cutting-edge style of communication. Prepare for an unexpected and unconventional keynote experience that will help you catch disruption's rhythm, shift your creative mindset, and leave you wanting more.
  • Love Affair With Healthcare

    Themes: Healthcare, Quality Care, Innovation, Transformation, Patient-centric

    "Every trembling bone in my body is comforted each time she adds a bit of "treat" to my treatment... with care that covers the enrichment of my life, not merely the postponement of my death."

    What if you could remind your audience of the moment they fell in love with healthcare? What if you could reignite the passion in providers — caregivers, executives and housekeeping alike - to connect with patients on a human, heartfelt level? What if you could take your entire healthcare community on a laughter and tear-filled journey that renews their vows to provide the best quality care. If you could do that - write a love poem to healthcare that makes your audience fall back in love with it - this keynote is how it would sound.
  • D.i.Y Innovation

    Themes: Innovation, Disruption, Leadership, Creativity, Transformation

    "Innovation is the difference between 'Why didn't I think of that?' and 'Why didn't I think LIKE that?'"

    As businesses scurry in pursuit of "big I" Innovation — exponential technologies, cultures of innovation, and the like - Sekou teaches leaders to see through the "little i's" of an innovator, by innovating from within. Offering incredibly fresh perspectives on embracing failure, bold thinking and anticipating disruption, Sekou also shares his own story about the risks and rewards of disrupting the speaking industry with a cutting-edge style of communication. This insightful and inspiring talk often surprises leaders with how much it discomforts, delights, and transforms them on a business and personal level. No doubt why it is Sekou's most requested keynote across industries — from tech and healthcare, to finance and human resources.

    For audiences who want to be inspired while learning:
    — How to make individual mindset shifts that make exponential company change
    — How to disrupt yourself as a leader in order to embrace disruption
    — How to "Tom Hanks in Big" yourself (another unforgettable Sekou takeaway on challenging convention)
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