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Susan Robertson
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Susan Robertson At A Glance:

Susan Robertson empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to more nimbly respond to change, by transforming thinking from “why we can’t” to “how might we?” She is an innovation and creative thinking expert with over 20 years of experience speaking, consulting, and coaching -- across the US and around the world. As an instructor at Harvard, Susan brings a scientific foundation to enhancing human creativity. In her corporate career, Susan managed new product development for Fortune 500 companies like Pepsico, Glaxo Smith Kline, and Fruit of the Loom.

Susan Robertson empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to more nimbly respond to change, by transforming thinking from “why we can’t” to “how might we?”

An expert on innovation and the power of human creativity, Susan Robertson helps audiences activate innovation throughout the organization. Highlights include:

-Acclaimed Thought-Leader. As an instructor in Harvard’s Professional Development Program, Susan teaches applied human creativity and innovation.

-Battle-tested Consultant. Susan works with clients such as Kellogg’s, New York Presbyterian University Hospital, Pepsico, Tufts Health Plan, Clorox, Bank of America, Georgia Pacific, Kashi, Novartis, and The American Association of Cardiologists — to sharpen their strategic creativity and produce real, tangible results.

-Proven Innovator.  Susan managed new product development for Fortune 500 companies like Pepsico, Glaxo Smith Kline, Hasbro, and Fruit of the Loom for 15 years prior to her consulting career.

-Research Geek. Susan has a passion for leveraging the neuroscience of creative thinking to make the learning and behavior change “stick”.  She also helps clients navigate the inherent conflict between individual creativity and institutional barriers, to drive real organizational progress.

-Performing Artist. On stages around the globe, Susan inspires audiences to action as a highly sought-after keynote speaker. She delivers energizing and practical insights to fuel change, ignite progress, enhance employee engagement, and drive meaningful impact. She helps audiences sharpen their creativity through rich storytelling, interactive engagement, and a commitment to elevating results.


    When we think about “celebrity innovators” – people who have famously created something dramatically new and successful – we assume they have some unique quality that the average person doesn’t have. Here’s the secret — they don’t. They have simply figured out how to regularly and consistently leverage the creative genius inherent in all humans. In other words, they have learned how to live in possibility instead of living in obstacle.

    In this inspiring and interactive session, innovation expert Susan Robertson draws on three decades of experience and cutting-edge brain science to reveal a new model of visionary, innovative leadership. Participants learn to remove creative barriers, cultivate courage, and drive fresh thinking. Participants return to the job with a new leadership framework, renewed enthusiasm for their work, and ready to tackle challenges and seize opportunities in new ways.
  • BANNING THE “YES, BUT…”: Cultivating Imagination to Drive More Agile Problem-Solving

    Too often, incredible ideas are prematurely killed when well-intentioned colleagues become the self-appointed “idea police,” pointing out all the shortcomings of an initial concept. In this energizing session, Susan Robertson draws on the core principles of improv to help audiences harness - rather than restrict - imagination. Participants will learn specific, practical, and powerful skills that can be used to liberate creativity and innovation, driving growth and transformation.

    From 30 years of practical experience and the most recent brain science research, this engaging presentation will help your entire organization become more innovative, agile, and inspired problem-solvers. Participants will learn to conquer creative barriers and emerge with improved critical and creative thinking skills to drive sustainable results.
  • A CULTURE OF CURIOSITY: The Neuroscience Brain Hack that will Transform your Organizational Culture

    Most leaders agree that building a culture of innovation is critical to long-term growth, yet few have a systematic approach to shape – and sharpen – the needed mindset and skills. In this enlightening and interactive session, Susan Robertson combines 30 years of practical innovation experience with cutting-edge brain science to help leaders build and manage a culture of innovation.

    When a culture of innovation is fully deployed, organizations enjoy a wide range of improved business outcomes. Stronger competitive advantage, increased employee engagement and empowerment, and increased shareholder value. In this inspiring session, Susan shares a proven system to help your organization sharpen innovation and sharpen results.
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