Founder of Hack Future Lab & Author of "The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win In The Age of Disruption"

Terence Mauri
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Terence Mauri At A Glance:

Founder of Hack Future Lab, a global think tank, #1 Bestselling Author (FT Publishing/Bloomsbury) and one of the most in-demand keynote headliners in the world, Terence Mauri inspires leaders to thrive in the age of disruption. His thinking on how to find your next cutting edge has been published in The Economist, Forbes, Reuters, Huff Post and Wired and he has delivered keynotes for clients including Visa, Facebook, VMware, Capital One and HSBC. Terence holds Entrepreneur Mentor in Residence roles at MIT and London Business School and has over 20 years experience of helping leaders bounce back from adversity and move beyond disruption.

Change used to happen as a breeze. Now it feels like a category-five typhoon. Leaders are responding to mega threats and macro fears but is enough being done to scale agile, resilient and bold futures? 

With economic headwinds to navigate, Terence Mauri, Founder of Hack Future Lab (a global think tank), visiting Professor of IE Business School, MIT Thinker-in-Residence and Author of the Global Bestseller, The 3D Leader: Take Your Leadership to the Next Dimension (described as a “game changer” by Forbes), will show you that the future belongs to bold leaders who turn volatility into a tailwind for laser-like focus, stamina and strategic courage.

Drawing on emerging trends and signals across every industry, Terence’s actionable keynotes and breakthrough insights prepare leaders and their organizations to harness uncertainty as a strength. As Inga Rottmann, VP Marketing for Wolters Kluwer recently shared about his keynote: “Terence inspired our audience to develop a new mindset, act as agents of change and reimagine their future, bolder selves.”

Terence highlights these points for his audiences: “A new future is on the horizon – one that’s different from the world before. More turbulent, less predictable, more complex, less simple, more varied, and less knowable. It doesn’t help that our brains are hardwired to fear uncertainty, so we avoid it. As this restless future takes place, there will be no room for anyone to cling to the past. Will you watch the world change around you – or be the one responding to it and turn it into a tailwind for value creation, future readiness and leadership impact? The simple truth is you can’t explore a new world with an old map. In a world of accelerating and multiplying change, not taking a risk is a risk.”

Terence Mauri’s strategies on how leaders and organizations can find their next cutting edge has been published in The Economist, Forbes, Reuters, HuffPost and Wired and he has delivered keynotes for clients including Visa, Facebook, VMware, Capital One HSBC and countless others who are looking for the strategies .


    '3 out of 4 C-suite executives believe that if they don’t scale artificial intelligence in the next five years, they risk going out of business entirely’.
    - Terence Mauri, Hack Future Lab

    AI will be a megatrend radically transforming the way we lead, organise and work. According to Hack Future Lab’s report, AI: Lead to Scale, 84 percent of leaders believe they need to use AI to achieve their growth objectives. However, 76 percent acknowledge struggling with how to scale AI across their business. Until now, there hasn’t been a blueprint to getting past proof of concept into production and scale, a transition many struggle to make. At this inflection point, it’s imperative businesses take the necessary steps to scale successfully.

    - How can leaders harness AI’s full potential to drive growth, agility and resilience?
    - How do you move from AI compliance to AI competitive advantage?
    - What are the risks and guardrails for scaling Responsible AI?
    - How do you need to reskill your workforce to thrive with AI as a Co-Pilot?

    Join Terence Mauri, Hack Future Lab’s founder to unlock exponential value from AI and get future-fit. AI is no longer a "nice to have”, it’s key to winning the future.

    Disruption puts $41 trillion dollars of enterprise value at risk. How do leaders turn adversity into advantage, launch new growth engines and reinvent today whilst creating tomorrow?

    With turbulence on the rise, leaders must show the curiosity to learn and courage to unlearn. New contexts demand new questions. How do leaders navigate deep uncertainty and complex futures?

    Not taking a risk is a risk. How do leaders make bold leaps into the future and ignite new mental models, maps and leadership mindsets at speed and scale.
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