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Terry Jones
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Primary Topic Category: Creativity and Innovation


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Terry Jones At A Glance:

Terry Jones is on the cutting edge of innovation and change. The founder of, he led the company as President and Chief Executive Officer for six years and took the company public. After leaving Travelocity, Terry Jones was a co-founder of and served as the company’s Chairman until it went public and was later sold to Priceline. Today he is the managing principal of ON Inc, a consultancy he founded to help companies in their transition to the digital economy.

Terry Jones is a technology pioneer who has played a pivotal role in creating the trillion-dollar e-commerce travel industry.

Whereas other people talk about innovation – Terry Jones lives it. Only .01% of businesses reach the elusive billion-dollar “unicorn” status, Jones built and scaled not one
but two unicorn businesses (Travelocity and Kayak).

As a board director for more than 20 companies, his IPOs and exits total over $10 Billion.

Jones is a highly sought-after international speaker and a recognized global authority in the “Future of Business”, “Disruptive Leadership”, and “Digital Transformation.”

He is the author of the critically-acclaimed books “ON Innovation “Turning on Innovation in Your Culture, Team, and Organization.” And Disruption OFF, “The technological disruption coming for your company and what to do about it”

  • Innovate or Cease to Exist

    Every generation has challenges but the pace, disruption, and unprecedented change that is going on right now has never happened in human history. AI, automation, robotics, blockchain, and remote work. Nothing seems to make sense UNLESS you see the world as an innovator and disruptor. You will learn simple, practical ways you can be more innovative at your daily work.

    • How to build the right culture
    • How to build the right team
    • How to source new ideas
    • How to choose the best ideas
    • How to turn them into products
  • Harnessing Digital Disruption

    Leaders are worried. Businesses are being disrupted at an ever increasing rate and technologies are converging to create unprecedented dislocation. Terry who disrupted the travel industry, twice, has the keys to surviving and thriving in an age of digital transformation.

    • What are the key disruptive technologies?
    • How will AI change my business?
    • How do I own the edge?
    • How can I reimagine my business for digital?
    • How can I turn disruption into innovation?
  • Success in a Business World Disrupted by AI

    AI is the most powerful force of business disruption today. It’s changing both products and the future of work. How can you harness it to create lasting advantage? Terry, who has been working in AI for the last ten years can give you successful strategies you can put to work at once.

    • How should you think about AI in your organization?
    • What are the data challenges?
    • What are the security implications?
    • What are the work force impacts?
    • How can you implement it in your products?
    • How will it change your business model?
  • Terry has now entered the world of virtual presentations! This has turned out like nothing I have seen, it really is mind blowing! It is so uniquely fast paced and content driven that I can’t imagine anyone checking their email or phones. He’s using polling, interviews, video and graphics just as he’s done in his live presentations and transferred them into this virtual realm. It really tends to feel like television. Of course, he continues to customize and can do q&a following the presentations. Our industry has been hit so hard but right now we truly NEED to stay connected and when we can offer the quality of this type of meeting, it’s a no brainer. Terry is new speech on this post covid disruption is filled with post covid examples and will really help folks open their minds and move forward in their lives.

Taking innovation from the lab to the business is very hard work. Terry’s ideas can light a fire of innovation in your company for years to come.

— Mark Pizzi President and COO Nationwide Insurance

Terry’s real world stories and practical observations translate into individual and organizational creativity.

— Robert Crandall Former Chairman and CEO American Airlines

Terry Jones is that rare combination of been-there innovator and captivating storyteller. His challenge to us, that we shed our old skin in favor of innovative renewal should be the gospel for the 21st century.

— Tom Wheeler Former Chairman Federal Communications Commission

Terry Jones is a master innovator and knows how to translate his experiences disrupting business models into practical advice. Our partners have new energy and focus on innovation for our firm.

— Mike McGuire, CEO, Grant Thornton LLP

I have the world’s toughest crowd and he won them over.

— The Realty Alliance President and CEO at The Realty Alliance

You brought so much passion and energy. I’m certain that our program will be more successful thanks to your participation.

— Ginni Rometty CEO IBM

You challenged me more in 50 minutes than I’ve been challenged in the last 20 years.

— Larry Glasscock CEO, Wellpoint

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