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Cameron Atlas
Speaking Fee: $10,000 to $20,000

Travels From: Available Upon Request

Primary Topic Category: Big Names / Headliners / Star Power

Secondary Topic Category: Big Names / Headliners / Star Power


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Cameron Atlas At A Glance:

Born and raised on a farm in outback Australia, I spent my childhood climbing trees, playing football and having singing lessons over the phone because there was no vocal coach within 500 miles of where I lived.
As I’ve made my way through business & life, the ups and the downs, one thing I’ve realized is that regardless of where you come from, extraordinary things are possible when you stay focused, disciplined and maintain a strong sense of purpose.
My passion lies in inspiring leaders & organizations to challenge their assumptions about what’s possible, and to develop the thinking and habits required in order to turn their big ideas into remarkable results.

Cameron delivers experiential keynotes,  blending live music on stage with insights on  high performance, leadership, creativity &  innovation. His unique approach transforms  audiences and empowers them to break  through their limits and overcome their greatest  challenges. 

With more than 300 songs written about topics  including purpose, resilience, courage, and  overcoming adversity, Cameron’s music has  been heard millions of times across 195  countries and is performed live by Cameron on  a grand piano and acoustic guitar during his  keynotes. 

When he’s not on stage, Cameron enjoys  privately coaching and training founders,  executives & family offices, helping them build  high performing teams. He is also a National  Geographic Explorer, Speaker Resource for  YPO, TEDx Speaker and a proud uncle to 5  remarkable kids. 


    There are 6 primary stages to mastery that when executed effectively, leads to extraordinary levels of growth. But how do you do that in a world that is full of distractions and competing priorities?
    Cameron draws on his experience from working with high-performing companies and elite performers for the past decade, and writing more than 300 songs, to share what it really takes to build unwavering discipline, maintain motivation and stay laser focused in order to achieve your next level of excellence.
    You’ll leave with powerful insights and a highly actionable framework that can be applied immediately to increase sales, drive innovation and build a high performing culture.

    Actionable Takeaways:
    • You’ll learn the 6 stages to mastery that can be applied right away to increase sales, drive innovation and build a high performing culture.
    • How to pinpoint the gaps in your team’s performance and the tactics you can use to quickly turn that around
    • The number one strategy for increasing motivation, even during the most monotonous tasks

    The pressure to innovate has never been more fierce. In order to differentiate and stay competitive in your industry, inventive thinking and the ability to consistently challenge what’s possible is an absolute must.
    Cameron has spent more than 20 years exploring where ideas come from and what holds people back from achieving their boldest plans.
    In this insightful and entertaining talk, you’ll learn the precise steps for generating new ideas that spark innovation, and walk away
    with a clear set of actions for creating remarkable solutions to your greatest challenges

    • You’ll discover a step-by-step framework for creating remarkable
    solutions to your greatest challenges
    • The top 5 questions you can ask right away to think bigger and
    generate bold ideas
    • The number one reason companies struggle to innovate fast enough
    and how to overcome that in your own business in order to achieve
    extraordinary results

    How do you turn your greatest ideas into remarkable results? Without a clear process for implementation, leaders run the risk of wasting time, energy and resources on initiatives that were doomed to fail from the beginning.
    With more than a decade of coaching experience, Cameron shares his 5 steps for determining which ideas to pursue and how to make sure your team has the autonomy, competence and accountability in order to do extraordinary work.
    Audiences walk away with a step-by-step framework for idea generation and execution that can be implemented inside their organization immediately.

    Actionable Takeaways:
    • You’ll learn the 5-step framework for turning your greatest ideas into
    remarkable results
    • Uncover the biggest mistake leaders make that dramatically lowers
    productivity and how to turn that around in your own business
    • Discover 10 powerful questions you can ask, to easily determine
    which ideas to pursue and which to stop immediately

    On the road to success, there are bound to be some curveballs along the way. Your ability to adapt is your ability to stay relevant and competitive in the marketplace. For more than a decade now, Cameron has helped individuals and organizations break through their limits and maximize the potential that change presents. In this empowering talk, audiences learn practical strategies for overcoming obstacles, strengthening resilience and magnifying their results

    Actionable Takeaways:
    • You’ll discover the most effective strategy for getting both you and
    your team excited about change, rather than being fearful of it
    • Uncover the top 5 ways for building a resilient team that also works
    extraordinarily well in your own personal life
    • Identify proven, practical strategies for overcoming obstacles (no
    matter how challenging they seem at the time) that you can begin
    implementing right away
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