Liz Cooke stands out as an Agent at Gotham Artists, driven by her passion for the job and commitment to her team. Thriving in Gotham’s creative environment, Liz values the camaraderie with colleagues and the chance to collaborate with inspiring speakers. Her journey to Gotham began unexpectedly, but it didn’t take long for her to realize she had stumbled upon her “dream job.” As an Agent, Liz delights in crafting impactful experiences for clients, making her mark on events and conferences. With a mindset of learning from failure, she tackles her work with resilience and determination, embodying a growth-oriented approach. Looking forward to her first full year as an Agent in 2024, Liz’s optimism and enthusiasm mirror the vibrant energy of Gotham Artists.

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Employee Spotlight: Liz Cooke, Agent

Q: Why do you love working at Gotham?

Liz:  First off, my coworkers!   They are truly the best people I’ve worked with and help me out every step of the way.  I love working with creative people and the speakers I’ve worked with always have a unique perspective on topics and are great to work with. I feel like I’m constantly learning new things and feel like I’ve found a path that makes me happy.

Q: Reflect on when you started; why did you initially join Gotham?

Liz: It’s kind of a funny story how I started working here. I was the Community Manager of a co-working space and ended up selling Gotham their office space after the pandemic.  They soon became one of my favorite companies in the space, the people were so friendly and they always looked like they were having fun.  I didn’t really get what they did at first, but when I started to learn more, I told them it sounded like my “dream job”.  I had no idea a job like this existed.  I kept in touch with them after I left the co-working space and said if they were ever hiring to call me!  They did and here I am!  It was like all of my other jobs were leading up to this.  

Q: Tell us a few details about your favorite part of your job.

Liz: My favorite part of the job is learning what a client is looking for and really curating a strong list of speakers that I think will connect to their themes and topics. When I saw a website for a conference coming up and it had 3 of the speakers I booked for them, I really appreciated the big picture of being a part of this massive event that thousands of people will take part in, and it felt so nice to know I helped to create that. 

Q: What is the best piece of career advice you’ve received?

Liz: Never be afraid to fail. I believe our strongest attributes come from our failures. 

Q: What is one thing you’ve been surprised to learn about in the speaking industry?

Liz: I was surprised to learn how big the speaking industry really is.  It stretches from corporate to colleges to non-profits.    

Q: What is one thing you are looking forward to in 2024?

Liz: My first full year as an Agent!  Wish me luck!