Conner Krizancic, a visionary in the realm of marketing and brand building, stands out as a leading figure in the speakers/speaking industry. As the founder of SpeakrBrand and the Fractional Chief Marketing Officer at Gotham Artists, he excels in raising the stature of executives, speakers, and authors, steering them towards becoming recognized thought leaders.

At Gotham Artists, Conner uses his extensive knowledge to assist speakers in leveraging their personal narratives and professional insights to make a significant impact on their audiences. His strategy goes beyond mere visibility, focusing on creating meaningful and sustained interactions that prepare clients to excel in the dynamic environment of public speaking.

Up Close and Personal

Outside of his professional life, Conner is a former Division 1 football player and a consistent competitor in Spartan Races, embodying discipline, resilience, and teamwork.

Favorite Speaker: Conner admires Robert Herjavec for his ability to blend insightful business acumen with engaging storytelling, which resonates deeply with his own approach to brand building and thought leadership.

Favorite Speaker Quote:   “The only way to find limits is by pushing past them.” —Alex Honnold