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Kaplan Mobray

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Recognized by Meetings and Conventions Magazine as one of the nation’s top business speakers, Kaplan Mobray is one of the world’s most dynamic and inspirational business speakers and award-winning author of “The 10Ks of Personal Branding.

“Recognized by Meetings and Conventions Magazine as one of the nation’s top business speakers” Kaplan Mobray is one of the world’s most dynamic and inspirational business speakers and award-winning author of “The 10Ks of Personal Branding”. Wharton-educated, Kaplan draws from his over 15 years of corporate experience as a successful business executive where he led corporate marketing, advertising, brand development, and workforce diversity initiatives for Fortune 500 companies.

Kaplan has received worldwide acclaim and numerous awards for his leadership and branding insights.

He has been featured on CNN, FOX, Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal, Ad Age and shares his message to NFL players and fans annually at the Super Bowl. Prior to his speaking career Kaplan served as U.S. Diversity Programs Leader at Deloitte. Kaplan also serves on the corporate advisory board of ALPFA, the nation’s largest Latino professional association.

Through his latest venture, Kaplan is revolutionizing high performance online learning with his virtual interactive Kaplan Mobray Leadership Institute. He continues to serve as a consultant to fortune 500 companies and a brand coach to professional athletes.
All of his innovative presentations have been described as life changing events.

In his personal pursuits, Kaplan is a professional saxophone player. Kaplan resides in West Nyack, NY and is active in civic and charitable organizations.

  • Stop the Head Counting: Making Diversity an Engine for Growth and Innovation in your Organization

    Understand how to leverage diversity & inclusion as a business driver to generate results.
    Connect diversity & inclusion to drive innovation in productivity.
    Learn how to create a winning diversity strategy to meet your organization's diversity and inclusion objectives.
    Develop inclusion and awareness practices to drive culture change within your organization.

    *60-90 minute keynote
  • Effective Corporate Marketing: How to Make your Brand Message Sing the Right Song with Customers

    Learn branding strategies to help you elevate your business or company brand.
    Develop techniques to leverage social media to create buzz and increase awareness.
    Create thought processes to drive innovation in your branding and communications campaigns.
    Learn disruptive branding techniques to unleash creative thinking within your teams.

    *60-90 minute keynote
  • The 10I's of Innovation: How to Think on Your Feet and Generate Ideas That Win!

    Learn how to leverage best practices from other industries to create innovative programs and events.
    Learn presentation techniques to influence clients with unconventional ideas.
    Create career enhancing skills to increase their value proposition to their organization. including becoming a thought starter, influence skills, and leadership impact.
    Develop effective strategies for programs and events that increase leadership capabilities.

    *60-90 minute keynote
  • The 10T's Of Time Management: How to Use Time as a Strategic Partner!

    Learn effective time management techniques to help you accomplish more.
    Enhance your planning skills to become a more strategic thinker.
    Learn ways to multi-task and stay focused at the same time.
    Achieve greater efficiency in your working style to become more productive.
    Develop methods to reduce procrastination.
    Become a better decision maker and help your clients arrive at better decisions.

    *60-90 minute keynote
  • The 10Ps of Public Speaking: Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking with Confidence and Mastery

    Learn how to overcome your public speaking fears.
    Learn to speak with confidence and poise.
    Master techniques to connect and build rapport with any audience.
    Develop skills to improve your communication style and delivery.
    Enhance your ability to be persuasive with your speaking content.
    Learn techniques to organize your thoughts as you project through your voice.

    *60-90 minute keynote
  • Navigating the Political Landscape: The Politics of Success

    Learn what is organizational politics and how can you navigate your organization's unique landscape to be successful.
    Develop techniques to anticipate workforce transitions to become more informed and prepared as changes take place within your organization.
    Learn how to avoid some fatal networking flaws that can derail your career.
    Create a navigation plan to expand your network, expand your political intelligence and build political capital within your organization.
    Develop effective strategies for collaboration that increase your leadership capabilities .
    Create a game plan for adapting and transferring your skills to secure your value to the organization when changes occur.
    Understand what it means to manage up while building your brand across your organization.
    Learn how to build a team of advocates including mentor, sponsor, and champions to help propel your career.

    *60-90 minute keynote
  • The 10 N's Of Networking: How to Optimize Your Networking Style to Create Lasting Opportunities

    Learn effective networking techniques to help you in your career.
    Develop new relationship building skills to use with clients.
    Enhance your ability to connect with others.
    Learn techniques to make yourself memorable.
    Explore important ways to follow up and increase business development.
    Master your ability to be more efficient in networking encounters.
    Learn how to leverage social media to network effectively with clients and prospects.

    *60-90 minute keynote
  • The 10Ls of Leadership: Maximizing Your Leadership Qualities to become a Leader Others Want to Follow and Knowing How to Lead Right Where You Are!

    Improve your management skills.
    Learn how to use leadership vision to plan for success.
    Understand your leadership qualities, no matter your current position.
    Learn techniques to motivate your people.
    Become an inspired leader through listening.
    Learn how to be more accountable.
    Learn succession planning strategies and effective team-building techniques.
    Develop techniques to increase your capacity to influence others.
    Become a better innovator with strategic thinking.

    *60-90 minute keynote
  • The 10K's Of Personal Branding: Focusing On The Brand Called You, How to Make Yourself Memorable and Build a Brand that Elevates Your Career!

    Create an identifiable brand that conveys who you are, how you want to be remembered and how you stand out from the crowd.
    Define your goals and create a focused plan to achieve a personal or career objective.
    Learn career enhancing skills that you can implement immediately such as establishing recall, effective networking methods and leaving a lasting positive impression.
    Master the art of creating opportunities for your brand to further enhance your career success.
    Enhance your leadership capabilities.

    *60-90 minute keynote
  • The Power of Your Virtual Brand – How to Advance Your Career While Working Virtually

  • The 10Ks of Personal Branding – How to Maximize Your Personal Brand to Advance Your Career

  • Emotional Resilience – How to Be Resilient and Drive Growth in the midst of Change and Uncertainty

  • Leadership Excellence and Empathy During Times of Uncertainty

  • Diversity & Inclusion – The Power of Conversation

  • Diversity & Inclusion-How to Talk About Race in the Workplace

  • Managing Your Performance – How to Manage Your Performance to Accelerate Your Career Advancement

  • Diversity & Inclusion – The Power of Your Authentic Self

  • Achieving Operational Excellence While Managing Disruption

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