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Liz Brunner At A Glance:

Leveraging more than 35 years of media and communications experience, expertise, and leadership, Liz Brunner is an inspiring and engaging keynote speaker, expert storyteller, certified professional consultant and best-selling author of Dare to Own You: Taking Your Authenticity and Dreams into Your Next Chapter, recommended on Forbes. Liz’s innovative teaching strategies and keynotes offer tools to find your confident, authentic voice, and how to engage with your audience. She is also a master at connecting the themes and patterns of your life’s experiences, both personally and professionally, weaving the tapestry together to transition you from where you are, to where you want to go and to who you want to be.

Liz Brunner is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and the CEO and founder of Brunner Communications and best-selling author of Dare to Own You: Taking Your Authenticity and Dreams Into Your Next Chapter, recommended on Forbes. She is a keynote speaker at corporate conventions, including Stifel, the Barron’s Women Summit, the CoreNet Global Summit, as well as numerous colleges and universities. Leveraging more than 35 years of media and communications experience, expertise, and leadership, Brunner is sought by high-profile individuals and organizations to build meaningful reputations and powerful brand identities within their markets.

In February 2020, Liz launched her podcast, “Live Your Best Life with Liz Brunner,” where guests share their stories of re-creation, transformation and how they have created their “next chapters” inspiring others to live their best, most authentic lives as well. Liz’s podcast has won multiple awards for “Best Host” and “Best Lifestyle Podcast” by the Communicator Awards.

In 2020, Liz founded the Brunner Academy of online learning, providing access to high quality speaker training. Her flagship public speaking course, “How to be a Rock Star Public Speaker,” is receiving high praise: “Liz Brunner is one of the top professional speakers in the world… and one of the best teachers of speaking in the world.” – Brian Tracy, International Speaker, best-selling author and consultant

In 2023, Liz’s highly acclaimed book, Dare To Own You, placed in the Silver/ 2nd Place category for “Self-Help” of the annual Feathered Quill Book Awards and was also a Finalist in the category of “memoir/ biography.” It is available on Amazon and Audible and at Barnes & Noble.


    Connecting your life’s experiences to write your next chapter:

    You know more than you think you know! No knowledge or experience is ever wasted. Too often we hesitate to step out of our comfort zone to create our next chapter because we don't know how, we are afraid or we are unsure of how to connect the themes and patterns of our lives. What would any of us do if we didn't allow fear to stop us? Liz Brunner’s motivational message will guide you to connect the dots of your own life experiences to create your next chapter, personally or professionally, for intentional impact. Liz’s inspirational career journey from classroom to newsroom to boardroom to the stage as a keynote speaker will motivate you to discover what themes exist in your own journey, how to connect those dots, and how to break any patterns that may be holding you back from following your destiny and living your best life.

    How to capture your audience’s attention with storytelling:

    Every day, we are bombarded with “information overload!” What cuts through the noise and captures people’s attention is powerful storytelling. Each and every person, no matter what profession or industry, needs to exude confidence, presence, and communicate effectively. As an Emmy award-winning journalist, podcast host and expert storyteller, Liz Brunner will teach your audience her practical and proven communication tips and storytelling techniques, energizing them to connect and engage more authentically with their customers, clients and colleagues in a way that resonates and gets results immediately. By incorporating “Liz’s 4 C’s,” – Confidence, Content, Clarity and Conversational – for any presentation, pitch, or speech, and her innovative "Brunner Methodology for Practicing,” your audience will learn how to craft their story, the science behind why storytelling works, why it matters, and how to be seen and heard as they intend with confidence, presence and command.*


    How to cultivate leadership skills that meet the moment:

    No one is born knowing how to be a leader. We learn how to be a leader. With so much uncertainty in the world, leaders face challenges and complexities requiring a renewed commitment to flexibility, resilience and innovation. As a sought after best-selling self-development author, leader, and keynote speaker, Liz Brunner offers guidance that will inspire audience members to unleash the leader within and invite others to refine their own leadership skills. Your audience will learn how to have influence, what it takes to be an authentic leader, the difference between being a manager and a leader, and how to discover their leadership philosophy for stronger teams, effective decision-making and long lasting impact *

    (* refers to Keynote that can also be a seminar)
Liz Brunner is one of the top professional speakers in the world.

— Brian Tracy | International speaker, best-selling author

Liz Brunner was the perfect choice to keynote our Thrive women’s conference luncheon. She is poised, keenly smart, fun and funny, and interspersed her personal and professional stories in a way that kept the audience completely engaged. I highly recommend Liz to speak at your next meeting, business retreat or communications workshop. She is an absolute professional and motivational keynote speaker..

— Karen E. Andreas | President and Chief Executive Officer, North Shore Chamber of Commerce

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation....and I was thrilled to receive your book, which I found inspiring. It really resonated with me. I could connect to many of the experiences you detailed and your sentiments and positive outlook motivated me.

— Melissa Roberts | Managing Director

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