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Michael Pritchard
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Michael Pritchard At A Glance:

Inventor and entrepreneur Michael Pritchard is the founder of LIFESAVER systems.LIFESAVER uses unique patented technology, originally developed by Michael to produce safe sterile drinking water anywhere.

Inventor and entrepreneur Michael Pritchard is the founder of LIFESAVER systems.LIFESAVER uses unique patented technology, originally developed by Michael to produce safe sterile drinking water anywhere. LIFESAVER is based in Colchester, UK and its products are sold in over 100 countries. The company’s goal is simple, to ‘˜End Water Poverty’.

The company has 4 main products, the LIFESAVER bottle, LIFESAVER jerrycan and it’s 2 latest products LIFESAVER™ and LIFESAVER™.

LIFESAVER technology removes all microbiological contamination and has been proven in the harshest conditions from the flooding in Pakistan to the cholera outbreak in Haiti. Michael’s passion to end water poverty globally and provide safe drinking water for all resonates in his enthusiasm and dedication to the cause.

His company has been chosen by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) to be part of the UK’s Rapid Response Facility for short-notice deployment of LIFESAVER technology to any future international disaster.

Using it’s latest ‘Infrastructure Replacement Technology’ LIFESAVER has partnered with the government of Malaysia to provide remote villages nationwide with safe drinking water. By the end of 2013 this project alone will have lifted 1 million people out of water
poverty, permanently!

The LIFESAVER bottle is standard issue for British military personnel in Afghanistan, is NATO recognized and is used by many other militaries around the world.

Michael has been a proud patron of the international aid exhibition Aidex for the last 3 years and has spoken and lectured at a number of international events including TED Global, MIT, iFest and PWC’s Diamond exchange. Michael has had numerous TV & Radio appearances including on BBC News, ITV, Italy’s IL SENSO della VITA, Fox News, ABC and many others.

Last year Michael consulted for BP’s Chief Technology Office on innovative solutions to prevent another ‘˜Deep Water Horizon’ catastrophe and has recently recorded a program for the BBC2’s flagship program ‘˜Horizon’ on nano-technology. Michael also accompanied Prime Minister David Cameron for a week on his Asian tour in 2012.

Michael is passionate about his work and is immensely proud that his technology is used by many international agencies including The Red Cross, Oxfam, MSF and Shelternow. Michael’s views on ending water poverty are now becoming better understood by the wider world. Michael’s TED video is used as an educational tool by of schools and colleges around the world. Educational establishments have started to teach these principles as part of the curriculum in Hong Kong (Longman Secondary Interactive Science (2nd edition) and the UK (Optumus education – Inspiring Sustainability through Geography: Thought-provoking lessons for key stages 3 & 4).

Born in Epsom, Surrey in 1967, Michael was educated at Gordonstoun School in Scotland and progressed to the University of Redlands in California, USA where he studied Business Administration and Political Science. At the age of 18 he competed at international level winning a gold medal for England in the 4 x 100m relay.

Michael’s career began in the computer industry selling Apple computers, after which he moved to Wace Group PLC in London as Business Development Director before co- founding a mobile ‘˜location based’ marketing company in 1998. In 2000 Michael started a property development company shortly followed by a risk assessment business in 2002. In 2006 Michael invented LIFESAVER with the first commercially available products going on sale in September 2007. Michael holds over 100 patents covering several fields including drinking water, aerosols and oil exploration.

In 2009 he appeared on the BBC TV’s Dragon’s Den, pitching another of his inventions, the ANYWAY spray. ANYWAY spray technology removes the need for harmful propellants in aerosols such as butane and propane and allows for any orientation operation.

Michael’s products have been exhibited in museums and exhibitions around the world including Museum of Science, Boston USA; The British Science Museum, London UK; The Science Museum of Minnesota, USA and the National Army Museum, UK. In 2012, the LIFESAVER bottle became one of the 15 top British inventions included in the British Library’s exhibition ‘˜Inventing the 21st Century.’

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  • Clean Water for All

    Michael Pritchard talks about the moral and ethical factors that led him to invent the LIFESAVER water bottle. The speech includes a demonstration of the LIFESAVER system, illustrating how people in areas without clean drinking water can finally have access to this basic necessity of human life.
  • Social Entrepreneurship

    Consumers buy products and services based on a wide variety of factors. In recent years, a company's commitment to socially and ethically responsible business practices has become a leading factor in consumer purchasing habits. As the inventor of the LIFESAVER water bottle, Michael Pritchard knows a thing or two about social responsibility in business. In this speech, Michal will explain the value for companies to be socially responsible and embrace moral and ethical standards that will actually increase the bottom line.
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