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David Rowan

Technology Expert & Founding Editor-In-Chief of WIRED, UK Edition

Using his skills as long-time WIRED Editor-in-chief, Rowan translates what really matters in tech to audiences and inspires them to seize the opportunities of emerging technologies and avoid the risks of disruption with dazzling examples from the front line– and also some gentle British humor.

Dr. Daniel Kraft

Physician-Scientist & Innovator

Daniel Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and innovator. With over 25 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research and healthcare innovation, Daniel Kraft explores the impact and potential of rapidly developing technologies as applied to health and medicine.

Dr. Peter Diamandis

Founder of XPRIZE

Peter Diamandis runs the X Prize Foundation, which offers large cash incentive prizes to inventors who can solve grand challenges like space flight, low-cost mobile medical diagnostics and oil spill cleanup. He is the chair of Singularity University, which teaches executives and grad students about exponentially growing technologies.

Erik Qualman

#1 Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker

Five-time Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker, Erik Qualman, has spoken in over 55 countries and has reached over 50 million people. He is the #1 bestselling author of five books on digital leadership and was voted the 2nd Most Likeable Author in the World behind the Harry Potter series.

His Socialnomics work has been on 60 Minutes to the Wall Street Journal and used by the NBCUniversal to NASA. Over 500 universities use his materials. Qualman’s animation studio wrote and produced the world’s most-watched social media video “Social Media Revolution.” Qualman was formerly a sitting professor at Harvard & MIT’s edX labs. NYU Stern signified Qualman is to digital leadership what Deming is to quality and Drucker is to management. Qualman received an honorary doctorate for his groundbreaking work What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube. Qualman is also the founder of Equalman Studios which has produced film and animation projects for the likes of Disney, Cartier, CompuCom, Chase, Hearts on Fire, IBM, and many other global brands.

Ingrid Fetell Lee

Founder of the blog The Aesthetics of Joy

Ingrid Fetell Lee is a designer and the founder of the blog The Aesthetics of Joy. She has been featured as an expert on design and joy by outlets such as the New York Times, Wired, PRI's Studio 360, CBC's Spark, and Fast Company, and her 2018 TED talk received a standing ovation. Lee was formerly Design Director at global innovation firm IDEO, and was a founding faculty member in the Products of Design program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She holds a Master's in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and a Bachelor's in English and Creative Writing from Princeton University.

Julia Landauer

Champion Racecar Driver

A two-time champion NASCAR driver, Julia Landauer shares emotional and fact-based observations and proposes various habits and mindsets that can help you succeed. Now Available for Virtual Programs

Kara Swisher

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Host of On with Kara Swisher & Pivot Podcasts, Editor-At-Large at New York Magazine

Kara Swisher is arguably the most feared and respected tech journalist in the business. She is the co-founder and executive editor of Recode, a weekly contributor to the New York Times, podcast producer, and appears regularly on CNBC.

Kat Echazarreta

Electrical Engineer, Engineering and Science Communicator, The First Mexican-born Woman in Space

Dr. Katya “Kat” Echazarreta, the first Mexican-born woman in space, is an electrical engineer, science communicator, and civilian astronaut. Echazarreta worked at NASA, first as an intern during her university undergraduate career, and later, with five NASA missions including Perseverance and Europa Clipper Ground Support Equipment group. She is a first-generation student who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. Through honesty about the difficulties and encouragement, she hopes to be able to help women be better prepared for their experience as a woman in STEM.

Kate Ancketill

Leading Authority In Global Retail & Business Futurism

As the CEO and founder of GDR, Kate has more than 25 years experience in business futurism and trends. She is the innovation partner to around 30 of the world’s largest consumer brands, supplying market leading consultancy and professional speaking to P&G, Tesco, Waitrose, Target, Sephora, Microsoft, Google, and Lego. Kate delivers compelling big-picture narratives on how macro forces are affecting the economy, the planet, culture and technology. Her team of researchers and strategists identify global trends and innovation case studies that represent successful business adaptation, from which others can learn.

Kristen Berman

Behavioral Scientist, Co-founder of Irrational Labs

Kristen Berman studies how people actually act in the marketplace, as opposed to how they should or would perform if they were completely rational.