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Rashmi Airan
Speaking Fee: $10,000 to $20,000

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Primary Topic Category: Inspiration / Motivation / Overcoming Obstacles

Secondary Topic Category: Business & Entrepreneurship


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Rashmi Airan At A Glance:

Rashmi Airan is a captivating and motivational speaker with a mission to foster organizational cultures that courageously overcome today’s biggest challenges of turnover, siloed sales processes, and a decrease in business performance. Her story transcends the pitfalls of unknowingly making a life-altering decision that took her from being an Ivy-educated attorney to federal prison; it's a tale of leadership, awareness, decision-making, and creating courageous conversations.

Having conducted years of behavioral psychology and leadership research, Rashmi uses her story as a lens to showcase the myriad factors that influence our choices. She unlocks the six truths of intentional awareness as it is the linchpin to creating a better quality of life leading to a competitive business advantage in performance, sales, and growth.

Rashmi Airan is a captivating and motivational speaker with a mission to foster organizational cultures centered around integrity, authenticity, and accountability. Her story transcends the pitfalls of unknowingly making a life-altering decision; it’s a tale of leadership, core values, and decision-making, creating courageous conversations.

As a first-generation immigrant of Indian descent and the eldest of three daughters, Rashmi was raised with lofty expectations for achievement. Besides being a devoted mother of two, she excelled as a lawyer, graduating with honors from Columbia Law. After gaining experience at major corporations, she embarked on an independent law practice in Miami. During the housing boom, she was drawn into collaboration with a real estate developer who later engaged in questionable business practices. Driven by her desire for financial success and to provide the best life for her children, Rashmi developed a blind spot and refrained from questioning her client’s actions, despite her inner voice urging her to do so. Her involvement led to a federal prison sentence for fraud, along with a multi-million-dollar judgment, mandated community service hours, and three years’ probation.

During her six months in prison, Rashmi found inner peace and self-forgiveness. This life-changing experience humbled her but also imparted invaluable lessons. 

Having conducted years of behavioral psychology and leadership research, Rashmi uses her story as a lens to showcase the myriad factors that influence our choices. She unlocks the six truths of intentional awareness as it is the linchpin to creating a better quality of life leading to a competitive business advantage in performance, sales and growth.

  • Dharma Leadership: Unlocking the Power of Awareness

    In a world where we are all silently struggling with the evolution of technology and disruption, today's top talents are grappling with issues of identity, purpose, and relevance affecting employee engagement, impacting turnover, and lowering the overall performance of the business.

    Drawing from years of research in behavioral psychology and collaborations with renowned companies like Coca-Cola, Cardinal Health, Sotheby’s, and Hershey’s, Rashmi has delved into the complexities of this challenge. Deloitte has even highlighted the transformative power and relatability of her journey. Rashmi’s life-changing adversity from an Ivy League education to federal prison led her to develop Dharma Leadership: Unlocking the Power of Awareness.

    Rashmi fuses courageous candor with tangible insights and inspiring stories to help leaders and teams transcend the technologically siloed world and emerge as teams empowered for business growth.

    Creating Awareness helps us get clear about “WHO we are” not “WHAT we do.” Awareness is the foundation of leadership, igniting change, fostering inclusivity, and unlocking thriving, top-talent communities. It is the linchpin for achieving a better quality of life and a competitive edge in business performance and sales.

    Each participant will be inspired and acutely aware of how to unlock the Power of Awareness, not Achievement, catalyzing collaboration, and exponential business growth.

    • Cultivate culture: Bolster employee engagement for improved business performance with a competitive advantage.
    • Maximize Individual Potential: Discover techniques to enhance your team or organization's performance through awareness, empowering members to realize their utmost potential and achieve superior outcomes.
    • Shift Towards Leadership focused on Awareness: Pinpoint the critical adjustments needed in your leadership style to adopt a more people-focused approach, meeting the evolving demands of employees and knowledge workers.
    • Shape and Influence Organizational Culture: Investigate ways to mold and steer the culture within your organization, creating coherence and securing emotional investment in a shared, forward-looking vision.
    • Strengthen Empowerment and Collective Ambition: Grasp the importance of empowering team members towards a collective goal. Learn techniques to instill a sense of shared mission, fostering dedication to a unified objective.
    • Define Your Leadership Vision and Strategy: Craft a personalized Leadership Vision and Strategy, providing a distinct framework for proactive leadership and purpose-driven action.
  • AdaptAgility - Be an Overcomer and Thrive

    Are you controlled by fear during uncertainty?

    In today's fast-paced world, being adaptable and agile is crucial for leaders aiming to succeed. With technology advancements, shifting customer expectations, globalization, and more, leaders face a myriad of challenges.

    Join Rashmi Airan for an educational and thought-provoking speech. Rashmi was an Ivy League-educated attorney whose unexpected journey led her to federal prison. In this captivating talk, Rashmi shares her deeply personal story with vulnerability and courage, challenging us to reconsider our perceptions of judgment and change.

    Drawing from her own experiences, Rashmi sheds light on the transformative power of intentional awareness. She explores how embracing change requires a conscious effort to remain present and open-minded in the face of uncertainty. Through her narrative, she humanizes the struggles we all face, emphasizing the importance of empathy, resilience, and self-reflection.

    As our teams are navigating the complexities of a new world, Rashmi's message resonates deeply. She encourages us to embrace change not as a burden, but as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. By fostering intentional awareness, we can navigate life's twists and turns with grace and authenticity.

    Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to glean wisdom from Rashmi Airan's extraordinary journey. Join Rashmi as she dismantles barriers, challenges preconceptions, and fosters a culture of resilience and acceptance in the corporate sphere.

    Each participant will leave committed to embracing change by facing fear head-on with courage and strength uniquely inspired by Rashmi’s research and stories.

    1. Master avoiding judgment: Become acutely aware and learn how to avoid passing judgment and cultivate empathy to create a more inclusive community.
    2 Adapt to Change and Promote Growth: Foster an acute awareness of the changing dynamics in the workplace and develop a mindset geared towards growth, viewing changes as chances for both personal and organizational advancement.
    3. Enhance Safety, Trust, and Teamwork: Learn strategies to bolster safety, trust, and collaboration across your team or organization, ensuring agility and a competitive edge in a fluctuating landscape.
  • Opposites Attract: The Power of Turning Enemies into Allies- Driving Sales and Growth through Relationships

    Customers and employees are struggling with the prevalence of technology and the lack of the human touch, leading to worsening turnover, and lower sales affecting business performance entirely. Establishing relationships is a cornerstone of sales and business growth, reflecting the fundamental principle that people prefer to do business with those they know, like, and trust. This concept underscores not just a transactional interaction but a relational dynamic that can significantly impact the bottom line and long-term success of a business.
    Join us for an extraordinary presentation where Rashmi Airan, a former federal defendant, and Joseph Capone, the former federal prosecutor who investigated her case, come together to share their incredible journey.
    Rashmi's transformative experience has inspired her to become a corporate motivational speaker, fearlessly spreading wisdom about decision-making and leadership. Despite their past adversities, Rashmi and Joe have developed a unique bond built on mutual respect and continuous growth.
    Get ready for an engaging discussion as Joe provides his prosecutorial perspective on the case, focusing on key moments of decision-making. Collaborating now as allies, Joe and Rashmi will lead an interactive conversation, offering valuable insights into how adversaries can become allies. Their story is living proof that transformation and reconciliation are possible, leading to a relationship unimaginable several years ago.
    The importance of establishing relationships in sales and business cannot be overstated. It's a strategy that pays dividends not just in increased sales and business growth, but in building a sustainable, reputable, and resilient business that stands the test of time.

    1. Embrace transformation: Learn from Rashmi Airan's journey from attorney to federal defendant to motivational speaker.
    2. Foster understanding: Discover how adversarial relationships can evolve into alliances
    3. Empower change: Gain insights on decision-making and leadership from the collaboration between former adversaries.
    4. Establish the power of relationships and drive sales and growth through specific skills.

Rashmi worked with the Coca-Cola team for an entire day. She created such a meaningful impact on the pivotal issues of accountability and vulnerability. Her diverse and unique view has propelled her as a leader on these topics. Rashmi shares a personal story that we must strive to live through uncertainty with conviction and navigate through the gray area. Her workshop truly helped our team learn how to thrive in chaos, be adaptable and remain curious while always focusing on the organization’s needs and long-term sustainability. Her story is relatable and she is truly a remarkable speaker and consultant!

— Preeti Balwani, Former General Counsel and Global General Counsel of Coca-Cola, India and CRISIL Ltd.

What Rashmi brought to us is real-life experience with emotion, authenticity, and courage for immediate value add in our individual organizations. As a group of CEOs of our companies, we typically don’t spend an entire day listening and engaging with one Coach/Consultant. Rashmi’s workshop and message were extremely effective and impactful, both personally and professionally. Even after an entire day with Rashmi, we all wanted more. I am definitely planning on bringing Rashmi back to work with my own leadership team at my organization.

— Reuben Xeureb, YPO

Rashmi’s story illustrates the power of humility and transformation. Rashmi is an energy giver - whether live or virtual. She reminds us that we are all humans and fallible. I would recommend Rashmi, she is one the best speakers I have ever worked with and I will work with her again!

— Damien Atkins, Former General Counsel of Hershey’s Inc.

Excellent and Powerful!

— Verne Harnish, Founder of EO, Founder of Scaling Up

Rashmi spoke to our senior leadership team and coaches at Georgia Tech. Her story and message around ethical decision-making was incredibly impactful as it hit home the fact that good and smart people can make bad decisions with dire consequences. In intercollegiate athletics, we all know good people who have made bad decisions with career derailing consequences and wonder what were they thinking? Rashmi helps shed light on the answer to that question through her research in behavioral ethics. She provides a mental process for maintaining ethical vigilance in our decision- making and how to avoid the overconfidence bias that leads to the slippery slope. I highly recommend Rashmi to my friends and colleagues as she will inspire and help create substantive change in our athletic environments around integrity and ethics.

— Todd Stansbury, Georgia Tech University Athletics

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