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Terrell Fletcher
Speaking Fee: $20,000 to $30,000

Travels From: SAN - San Diego, CA

Primary Topic Category: Leadership and Management

Secondary Topic Category: Business & Entrepreneurship


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Terrell Fletcher At A Glance:

Terrell Fletcher is a retired NFL running back with an 8-year career playing for the San Diego Chargers. He has spent the last 25 years as an entrepreneur, community advocate, faith leader, professor, and author. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, a University of Wisconsin graduate with a doctorate in transformational leadership, Terrell travels the globe as a prominent speaker, coach, and consultant for companies such as: Amazon, Walmart, Special Olympics, MSNBC, and much more. His aim is to assist business and community leaders to transform their industries toward a moral trajectory and produce with a purposeful perspective in mind.

Terrell Fletcher is a former NFL running back turned motivational speaker, faith leader, community advocate, professor, and author.  Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, he overcame a severe asthmatic condition and an undersized frame to play sports (both wrestling and football).  After high school he was awarded an athletic scholarship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to play football. Terrell would earn numerous team and individual accolades including winning the 1994 Rose Bowl and the 1995 Outback Bowl (the latter he earned Most Valuable Player honor). In 1995 Terrell was selected by the San Diego Chargers as a second-round draft pick.  After eight years, he retired from the San Diego Chargers as an important part of the team’s success.  In 2003, Terrell founded the City of Hope International Church, which grew to over 2000 members and contributed to many community service initiatives.  Also, paying it forward to emerging athletes as the Chargers chaplain for many years to follow.  Terrell became a fixture in the southern California faith and business communities.  With his eight (8) years of professional football, six (6) years of international missions and youth service, along with seventeen (17) years of pastoral/community service, he is positioned to be a resounding voice for this generation.  This professional experience within community and faith empowered him to challenge leaders. He coaches executives, business owners, athletes, and entertainers on how to maximize their parts to produce wins in their personal lives, companies, and communities. “My desire is for the listeners to connect their head with their heart and produce good products with a purposeful perspective in mind.”

Terrell holds a doctorate in transformational leadership, a master’s degree in religious studies, and a bachelor’s degree in English literature.

Terrell is married and has three children, Kya, Kory, and Kingston

  • Champions Mindset

    Audience will be able to…discover how they can become an exceptional overcomer and an empathetic winner.
  • From Success to Significance

    Audience will be able to…explore why success matters beyond the success itself.
  • Being an Exceptional Teammate

    Audience will be able to…discover the pieces of themselves that add to the whole.
  • Decision Making

    Audience will be able to…devise a step-by-step plan for making decisions and executing them.
  • Leading From Any Position

    Audience will be able to…perceive influence and betterment wherever they are planted.
  • Transitioning a Team

    Audience will be able to…identify when, where, why, and how to progress forward.

We are grateful to you for providing our team with such an inspirational week. You are the true champion - on the field and off! Heart & Head!

— Alice Harrington-Caravello Vice President Account Sales & National Group Sales at Marriott International

I could listen to you all day. You are Ian inspiration and I am so excited about the future and how we can make an impact…

— Madeleine Homan Blanchard Chief Coaching Architect at Blanchard

There are few people in life who have the ability to simultaneously challenge you to reach for your full potential, at the same time they honor and cherish the person you are today. That is Terrell Fletcher. It’s like getting a hug and a kick in the tail at the same time! I love that! Somehow while he’s regaling you with all his successes, he reminds his audience that he’s human; telling his vulnerabilities and sharing his struggles so that we can see our own struggles as stepping stones to greatness as opposed to seeing them as reasons to fail. His genuine spirit and energy come through and touch you in ways you can’t verbalize with mere words…it’s how he makes you feel after you hear him speak that leave you wanting more. Hiring Terrell would be the most productive thing you could do this year to help your organization, team, or association achieve new levels of potential.

— Stacey McKibbin Chief Operating Officer, R3

Terrell Fletcher has the ability to ignite audiences with powerful thought-provoking speeches that touch audiences of all backgrounds. I have never been so inspired to challenge myself until I heard him speak.

— Maresa Friedman Forbes Council

Terrell Fletcher is a gift to corporations, organizations, and faith-based movements that desire a communicator who speaks the truth in order to inspire the participants who will dream big toward their vision along with encouraging those who have given up on their dreams. He is, in my opinion, the authentic spokesmen, that everyone needs to experience for life-long transformation.

— Dr. Tony Baron Director and Associate Professor, Azusa Pacific University-Seminary

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