In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, businesses and organizations are constantly seeking innovative ways to gain a competitive edge.

When it comes to exploring the potential of ChatGPT technology, hiring a keynote speaker who specializes in these areas can be highly advantageous.

A ChatGPT keynote speaker brings deep expertise and knowledge in the realm of AI, providing valuable insights into its applications, implications, and future possibilities. Their expertise can help businesses navigate the complexities of AI adoption, making informed decisions and staying ahead of the curve.

Discover the leading ChatGPT Keynote Speakers for 2024:

1 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

Zack Kass: Keynote Speaker & Head of GTM at OpenAI 

Zack Kass is a highly respected figure in the field of technology and innovation. He currently serves as the GTM (Go-To-Market) Lead at OpenAI, one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence research organizations.

2 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

John Imah: Entrepreneur, Tech Advisor, Gaming & Brand Strategy Expert

John Imah is a multifaceted and accomplished executive leader with an extensive background in technology and media industries. John sold his first company at age 15, has led massive global teams at scale at some of the world’s biggest tech companies, including Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, Amazon, and Twitch, where he worked with top brands, agencies, celebrities and influencers. John is a tech advisor for start-ups and many of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, in addition to serving on multiple boards.

3 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

Adam Cheyer: Co-Founder & VP Engineering, Viv & Siri

Adam Cheyer has a proven track record of innovation in business, having worked at research labs, startups and some of the largest technology companies in the world, bringing ideas to market to positively impact hundreds of millions of people. He is also an award-winning magician, having performed for millions on TV and for presidents and heads of state. Previously, Adam was co-founder and VP Engineering at Siri, Inc. When Siri was acquired by Apple in 2010, he became a Director of Engineering in the iPhone/iOS group. Apple’s version of Siri is now available on hundreds of millions of devices.

4 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

Liz Claman: Anchor/Correspondent, FOX Business Network

With nearly 25 years of experience, Liz Claman—described by Vanity Fair as “…one of television’s top business reporters and anchor”—shares insights on leadership and the global economy gleaned from her access to the most influential and powerful business leaders in the world.

5 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

John McElligott: CEO of York Exponential, President of the Fortress Initiative and the Fortress Academy

John McElligott has always had a passion for helping and improving the quality of life of others. Known professionally as a Vision Caster and Technical Futurist, John believes that emerging technology represents an incredible opportunity for all of our citizens and that it is his responsibility to do what he can to expose our citizens to robotics and other technology in an effort to leave no community behind.

6 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

Slava Rubin: Founder of Indiegogo

Slava Rubin is an entrepreneur and innovator in the fintech space for nearly 20 years. Slava built an alternative investment platform (Vincent), a venture fund (humbition, an equity and perks crowdfunding platform (Indiegogo) and an angel investment portfolio with multiple unicorns.

7 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

Martin Adams: AI Entrepreneur and Digital Transformation Speaker

Martin Adams is an ethical-AI entrepreneur who has successfully built and sold numerous AI and ML companies over the last 20 years. As an innovation advisor to CEOs, corporations, and governments around the world, he is an engine and advocate for those who believe technology can create deeper human connections. Martin has been recognized as one of the UK’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs on the Maserati list and a Top 50 UK Innovator by Penrose. The technologies he has helped develop represent some of the biggest shifts in creativity and human connection since the invention of the computer, including as Founder and CEO of (until its acquisition in 2023) and (named by Time Magazine as a 100 Most Influential Business in 2023). Given his background as an intellectual property and privacy lawyer, he is particularly interested in pushing sustainable and ethical AI technologies and believes everyone else should be too. Martin is a regular speaker on Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI, digital transformation, future of work, and recent keynotes include the European Commission, Universal, Oracle, Alan Turing Institute for AI, Telefonica, Warner Bros, Aegis Insurance, Unilever, Deloitte, Arabian Business & Google.

8 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

Samantha Radocchia: Futurist, Award-Winning Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and Technology Pioneer

Samantha Radocchia, or “Sam Rad,” is a futurist, best-selling author, multimedia storyteller, and frontier tech pioneer who combines the mindsets of an anthropologist and technologist. Sam is the founder of Radical Next, a meta-media studio and strategic consultancy creating transformative stories, experiences, and media productions that shape the future. Her upcoming book by the same name, Radical Next: Thriving in Times of Radical Change explores how “radical next ideas” and technologies will transform societies in the decades to come.

9 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

José Morey: CEO and Founder of Ad Astra Media LLC

CEO and Founder of Ad Astra Media LLC; providing role models and educational STEAM content to encourage more diversity in STEAM related fields. He is the Chief Medical Officer for Ever Medical, an Eisenhower Fellow with the 2020/2021 ZHI-XING Fellows Program and is a technology and health keynote speaker, author and a consultant for Forbes, MIT and the White House Office of Science and Technology. He is considered a leader in exponential technology innovation and excels at leading multidisciplinary teams that sit at the epicenter of biotechnology, AI, and aerospace.

10 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

Brian David Johnson: Keynote Speaker: Futurist & Director of Future Casting, Intel Corporation

The future is Brian David Johnson’s business. As a chief futurist at Intel Corporation, his charter is to develop an actionable vision for computing in 2020. His work is called “future casting” – using ethnographic field studies, technology research, trend data, and even science fiction to provide Intel with a pragmatic vision of consumers and computing.

11 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

Nancy Giordano: Strategic Futurist, Corporate Strategist, TEDx Austin Curator

Described as endlessly optimistic, Nancy is a strategic futurist, corporate strategist, and bestselling author who has consulted on a portfolio of $60+ billion well-known brands and given more than 100+ global keynotes. With a drive to help enterprise organizations and visionary leaders transform to meet the escalating expectations ahead, she is recognized as one of the world’s top female futurists, and founder of the Femme Futurists Society. For more speakers like her, check out our list of top futurist speakers.

12 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

Vivienne Ming: Professional Mad Scientist

Vivienne Ming is a top theoretical neuroscientist, top entrepreneur speaker, and author. She co-founded Socos Labs, her fifth company, an independent think tank exploring the future of human potential. She launched Socos Labs to combine her varied work with that of other creative experts and expand their impact on global policy issues, both inside companies and throughout our communities. Ming is transgender and speaks frequently on issues of LGBT inclusion and gender in technology.

13 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

Erik Qualman: #1 Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker

Called a “Digital Dale Carnegie” and “the Tony Robbins of Tech,” Erik Qualman helps organizations understand the implications of social media on our daily lives– and how businesses can tap the power of social media to increase their sales, cut their marketing costs, and reach consumers directly.

14 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

Susan Etlinger: Data Analyst

Susan Etlinger is an industry analyst with Altimeter Group, where she focuses on data and analytics. She conducts independent research and has authored two intriguing reports: “The Social Media ROI Cookbook” and “A Framework for Social Analytics.” She also advises global clients on how to work measurement into their organizational structure and how to extract insights from the social web which can lead to tangible actions. In addition, she works with technology innovators to help them refine their roadmaps and strategies.

16 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

Erica Orange: Keynote Speaker: Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of The Future Hunters, Futurist, Technology Expert

Erica Orange is Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of The Future Hunters, one of the world’s leading futurist consulting firms. She evaluates emerging social, technological, economic, political, demographic and environmental trends – and identifies the strategic implications (the “So what?”) of those trends for several of the most influential Fortune 500 companies, trade associations and public sector clients. Erica’s ability to identify patterns, think critically and analytically, and translate that into actionable strategies is what has made her an invaluable asset to clients.

17 top chatgpt speakers for 2024

John Rossman: Former Amazon Executive, Author and Expert on Digital Disruption

John Rossman is a Managing Director with Alvarez & Marsal in Seattle, specializing in technology strategy, multi-channel operations scaling and platform enablement in multiple industries including retail, service and public sector.

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