Like many industries, live events are pivoting to the virtual stage. In keeping with this, Gotham has partnered with a dynamic group of speakers in order to bring you the best possible virtual content whether it be live streamed or prerecorded. Options include virtual keynotes, webinars, workshops, pre-recorded video content or interactive Q&As to name a few.

In times like this it is important to keep your clients, employees, and communities engaged and connected.  Below are the most popular topics our clients are asking us about, as well as a handful of speakers that can deliver superb and inspirational content through virtual channels just as well as if you were in the room with them (and sometimes better!).

We are partnering with speakers to create content packages that consist of four 15-minute highly focused sessions that deal with a single topic per session followed by an interactive Q&A. These packages can be delivered to your audience either once per day over the course of a week, or once per week over the course of a month.  They can be done by one speaker doing all four topics, or up to four different speakers each handling a single topic.

We want to help you bring valuable and inspiring messages to your employees, association members, students, families and communities. Now more than ever, let us help you find a voice!

Examples of Popular Topics Right Now (and the speakers that do them well):

Health: Mindy + Body:
Leading Remote Teams
Work/Life Balance: How To Thrive Working From Home
Mental Health / Happiness / Positive Psychology
Crisis Management
Business / Economy 
Private Concerts for your Organization
Training and Development / Business Consulting
Leadership Through A Crisis 
What to Do When the Crisis is Over 
Future of Work