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In the diverse sectors of business, technology, entertainment, and education, female speakers are increasingly taking center stage. These leaders bring a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to their audiences, helping to shape industries and spark new ideas.

This article is going to break down what goes into female speaker fees and why they’re so valuable at events. If you’re curious about this topic, you’ve come to the right place.

And if you’re interested in fee structures for other types of speakers, you can check out more detailed insights on Gotham Artists’ insights on speaker fees.

Let’s dive into what determines these fees and why investing in great speakers can make all the difference at your next event.

The Factors Influencing Female Speaker Fees

When it comes to determining speaking fees for female speakers, several factors come into play, each significant in its own way. At Gotham Artists, our experience working with a range of speakers gives us insight into what drives these costs. Here’s a straightforward look at these factors:

  1. Expertise and Experience: The speaker’s background and the depth of their expertise can greatly influence their fees. A seasoned professional with years of experience typically commands higher fees compared to someone newer to the field.
  2. Event Type and Duration: The nature of the event and how long the speaker is expected to engage with the audience also affect the fee. Keynote speeches usually have higher fees than panel discussions because of the level of preparation and the impact on the event.
  3. Audience Size and Venue: Larger events at prestigious venues can drive up fees due to the larger audience reach and the prestige associated with the venue.
  4. Market Demand: High-demand speakers can charge more because of their proven ability to attract and captivate large audiences.
  5. Customization of Content: If a speech needs to be tailored or custom content is created, this can also increase the fee. Customization requires additional preparation time and expertise.
  6. Additional Responsibilities: If the speaker participates in other event activities like workshops or panel discussions, this can also affect their fee.

Here’s a simple table to help you visualize how these factors might affect speaking fees:

FactorImpact on Fee
Expertise and ExperienceHigh
Event Type and DurationModerate to High
Audience Size and VenueModerate
Market DemandHigh
Customization of ContentModerate to High
Additional ResponsibilitiesModerate

Understanding these elements helps us at Gotham Artists tailor our approach to each event, ensuring that organizers understand the value brought by each speaker and why their investment is justified.


At Gotham Artists, we find top notch talent and ensure your event is seamless and successful. Tap below for pricing and availability of your perfect speaker.

Overview of Fee Structures

A man in front of a calculator and keyboard calculating female speaker fees.
Understanding Female Speaker Fees: How to Budget for Your Next Event

Understanding the fee structures for female speakers is crucial for event planners and organizations looking to hire impactful voices. Here’s a concise overview of how these fees are typically structured:

  1. Flat Fee for Keynote Speeches: Many speakers have a set rate for keynote speeches, which are usually the highlight of the event. These fees are predetermined and cover the preparation and delivery of a speech designed to captivate the entire audience.
  2. Panel Participation Fees: Fees for participating in panels are generally lower than for keynote speeches. These are often structured as a flat rate that reflects the less intensive preparation and shorter speaking time.
  3. Variable Fees Based on Event Scale: The scale and prestige of the event can affect fees. Bigger, high-profile events may lead to higher fees due to the larger audience and the broader exposure for the speaker.
  4. Fee Adjustments for Customization: If the speaker needs to tailor their content specifically for your event, this can adjust the fee upward. Customization requires extra research and adaptation, which takes additional time.
  5. Workshop or Breakout Session Fees: Conducting workshops or breakout sessions is often priced separately from speeches. These sessions require more interactive engagement and detailed knowledge, leading to different fee considerations.
  6. Travel and Accommodation Considerations: For events requiring travel, speakers may charge additional fees to cover travel, accommodation, and per diem expenses. This is often negotiated as part of the overall fee or handled separately.
  7. Multi-Engagement Discounts: Some speakers offer discounts for multiple engagements booked at the same time. This can be a cost-effective option for organizations planning a series of events.

By understanding these different fee structures, event organizers can better budget for and select the right speaker for their event, ensuring they get the best value and impact from their investment.


At Gotham Artists, we find top notch talent and ensure your event is seamless and successful. Tap below for pricing and availability of your perfect speaker.

A female speaker delivering a speech.
Understanding Female Speaker Fees: How to Budget for Your Next Event

At Gotham Artists, we have a roster of highly sought-after speakers known for their expertise, inspiration, and influence. Here are some of the top female speakers you might consider for your next event:

  • Molly Fletcher: Known as “the female Jerry Maguire,” Molly Fletcher is a trailblazer in the sports and business speaking circuit, having represented some of the top athletes and coaches. Find out Molly Fletcher’s speaking fee.
  • Molly Bloom: An inspirational keynote speaker, Molly Bloom is the real-life inspiration behind the film “Molly’s Game.” She shares stories of resilience and powerful lessons in overcoming challenges. Find out Molly Bloom’s speaking fee.
  • Elizabeth Smart: An advocate for change and a voice for the voiceless, Elizabeth Smart transformed her traumatic kidnapping into a powerful narrative on overcoming adversity and advocating for child safety. Find out Elizabeth Smart’s speaking fee.
  • Connie Podesta: An expert in psychology and sales strategies, Connie Podesta combines humor with insightful business tactics, making her a favorite among corporate events. Find out Connie Podesta’s speaking fee.
  • Margaret Heffernan: An international businesswoman and author, Margaret Heffernan explores the complexities of leadership, competition, and the future of work. Find out Margaret Heffernan’s speaking fee.
  • Liz Claman: As a renowned journalist and anchor, Liz Claman brings her expertise in financial markets and economics to the stage, offering deep insights into the world of business news. Find out Liz Claman’s speaking fee.
  • Agapi Stassinopoulos: A bestselling author and speaker, Agapi Stassinopoulos invites her audiences on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, focusing on wellness and mindfulness. Find out Agapi Stassinopoulos’s speaking fee.
  • Holly Ransom: A global strategist on intergenerational leadership and workforce trends, Holly Ransom is known for her engaging talks that challenge conventional wisdom. Find out Holly Ransom’s speaking fee.
  • Katty Kay: The lead anchor of BBC World News America, Katty Kay offers an international perspective on American politics and global affairs, providing clarity and context in her presentations. Find out Katty Kay’s speaking fee.
  • Debra Searle: A professional adventurer and serial entrepreneur, Debra Searle uses her extraordinary experiences rowing across the Atlantic Ocean to teach resilience and determination. Find out Debra Searle’s speaking fee.
  • Michelle Poler: Known for her project “100 Days Without Fear,” Michelle Poler is a creative and influential speaker who challenges audiences to step outside their comfort zones and embrace change. Find out Michelle Poler’s speaking fee.
  • Tracy Tutor: A top real estate agent and star of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,” Tracy Tutor brings her sharp insights and real estate acumen to every talk, inspiring audiences with her dynamic approach to sales and negotiation. Find out Tracy Tutor’s speaking fee.
  • Leeza Gibbons: An Emmy Award-winning TV host and advocate for healthcare and wellness, Leeza Gibbons combines personal stories with practical advice to empower and motivate her audiences. Find out Leeza Gibbons’s speaking fee.
  • Joan Lunden: A veteran journalist and former host of “Good Morning America,” Joan Lunden discusses health, wellness, and aging, providing invaluable insights into maintaining vitality throughout life. Find out Joan Lunden’s speaking fee.
  • Jean Chatzky: As the financial editor of NBC’s “Today Show,” Jean Chatzky offers accessible and empowering financial advice, helping audiences navigate personal finance with confidence. Find out Jean Chatzky’s speaking fee.
  • Maria Ressa: A Nobel Peace Prize-winning journalist, Maria Ressa stands at the forefront of advocating for press freedom and integrity in journalism, sharing her experiences of fighting misinformation. Find out Maria Ressa’s speaking fee.

If you’re seeking more speaker choices, explore our diverse range of experts and find the right fit for your conference.

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At Gotham Artists, we find top notch talent and ensure your event is seamless and successful. Tap below for pricing and availability of your perfect speaker.