In a world full of uncertainty and rapid change, the ability to bounce back and thrive in the face of adversity is crucial. Resilience is not just a quality; it’s a skill that can be developed and refined over time. To help you on your journey to becoming more resilient, we’ve compiled a list of top resilience speakers who have not only overcome incredible challenges but also dedicated themselves to teaching others how to do the same.

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Kaplan MobrayBest-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker and Career Consultant

Recognized by Meetings and Conventions Magazine as one of the nation’s top business speakers, Kaplan Mobray is one of the world’s most dynamic and inspirational business speakers and award-winning author of “The 10Ks of Personal Branding.

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Nina Sossamon-PogueResilience Speaker, USA Gymnast, Emmy-Winning News Anchor, Tech Executive & Author

Nina Sossamon Pogue, is known for her success in Sports, TV, and Tech and for openly sharing her failures. A former USA Gymnast, Emmy-winning News Anchor, Corporate Leader, and Best-Selling Author, Nina shares breathtaking stories of success and setbacks that inspire resilience. Using a science-backed, data-driven, Stoic Philosophy-infused approach, she empowers high achievers to navigate challenges of all sizes. With 15+ years in TV and 10+ years in tech leadership, Nina is uniquely skilled to energize audiences and enhance employee well-being in corporate settings.

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Shabnam MogharabiEntrepreneur, Entertainment Executive & Author

Shabnam Mogharabi is an entertainment entrepreneur, author, and journalist with more than 20 years of experience in media and storytelling. She is a lifelong student of positive psychology and an expert on how to create socially impactful and entertaining content. Shabnam believes embracing the power of joy is an act of rebellion, and in her insightful, interactive sessions, she shares practical tips about what it takes to truly bring more joy into your life both personally and professionally.

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Adam MarkelSpeaker, Author, Business Mentor

Adam Markel is a #1 Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Los Angeles Times bestselling author of PIVOT: The Art & Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life . A sought-after keynote speaker, MC and workshop facilitator, Adam has reached tens of thousands worldwide by sharing his insights and research to develop greater levels of Resilience.

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Robyn BenincasaTop Leadership and Teamwork Motivational Speaker, Retired Firefighter, Adventure Racing World Champion, CNN Hero, and Bestselling Author

Robyn Benincasa inspires people to grab life with one hand, grab their teammates with the other, and to create that special magic that makes all of us better together than we ever would have been alone!

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Austin HatchMotivational Speaker

In the first 27 years of his life, Austin Hatch has survived two separate plane crashes, leaving him with the tremendous loss of his immediate family, as well as a severe list of injuries that nearly took his life. When he came out of a 2-month long coma after the second plane crash, he had to relearn basic life skills such as walking and talking. He made the decision that he was going to find a way to fulfill his dream of playing basketball at the University of Michigan—which he did.

Instead of choosing to dwell on his circumstances, Austin has decided to share his life experiences with others, providing a variety of organizations with a message of overcoming adversity, grit and hope. Austin now is a full-time motivational speaker, and lives with his wife Abby in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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M AbeoMental Health Advocate & Creator of the ​Faces of Fortitude​ Movement

M Abeo (they/he/she) is a Mental Health Advocate, Speaker, Podcast host, Producer and Photographer + Creator of the Faces of Fortitude project. The project began as a series of portraits documenting the healing of those affected by suicide. In just 5 years it has grown into a body of work that consists of TEDx and speaking events, traveling gallery exhibits, and the Behind the Lens Podcast. M travels the country and world talking about the healing they have discovered within their portrait work and their love for plants as a form of self care that can unearth a new method of self-healing.

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Jim AbbottFormer Professional Baseball Player, New York Yankees

Jim Abbott was born without a right hand. He was an All-America hurler at Michigan; won the Sullivan Award in 1987; was the pitcher for the Gold Medal Olympic Team in 1988; and threw a 4-0 no-hitter for the New York Yankees versus Cleveland.

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Nicole MalachowskiFirst Woman Thunderbird Pilot, Combat Veteran, Fighter Squadron Commander, White House Fellow & Adviser, and Indomitable Spirit

Retired USAF Officer and the first female Thunderbird pilot, Nicole Malachowski shares insights for overcoming adversity, dealing with change, exceeding expectations, and challenging stereotypes.

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Chris BartonFounder and Creator of Shazam, Entrepreneur, Inventor, and Tech Investor

Spend time with inventor Chris Barton and you’ll be inspired to believe anything is possible. His positive energy to make seemingly impossible ideas come to life is absolutely contagious. Chris’s latest venture, Guard, uses AI to detect drowning in swimming pools – a never-before accomplished effort. Chris’s best-known creation is Shazam, the app that changed the way the world discovers music. With over 2 billion downloads, Shazam is a global phenomenon and Apple’s sixth-largest acquisition. The app lets people identify songs out of thin air from anywhere they are, making it nothing short of pure magic. Chris holds 12 patents and played key roles in the early days of Google and Dropbox. He believes his dyslexia helps him uncover novel solutions to obstacles and to achieving audacious goals. In his speeches, Chris shares his Start From Zero thinking method of questioning assumptions and challenging conventional wisdom. His amazing story and storytelling completely captivate audiences and inspires them to make big things happen in their organizations – to create magic in defiance of the obstacles.

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Allison MassariInspirational Resilience Speaker, Storyteller, Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, Celebrated Artist

Top Motivational Keynote Speaker on Healthcare, Resilience, Change, Adversity, and Employee Retention | Speaker for Patient Experience in Healthcare | Burn Survivor | Entrepreneur | Celebrated Artist.

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Yossi GhinsbergLife philosopher and author who is inspiring and touching all kinds of audiences with his unique spirituality Request fees and availability

Keynote speaker Yossi Ghinsberg is an extraordinary person with a unique philosophy and admirable life perspective. He is passionate and spiritual to such a degree that he has touched, inspired, and helped people all around the globe. Ghinsberg’s work reflects his commitment to ecology, culture, travel and people. He delivers powerful keynotes centered around the topics of spirituality, survival, change and empowerment.

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J.P. Pawliw-FryAward-Winning Entrepreneur 

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry has spent his life applying science and research preparing people and organizations to meet their biggest challenges. He not only inspires, but moves audiences to action by offering practical tools to drive better business and personal outcomes.

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Dr. Michelle Rozen –  One of the most sought-after actionable speakers on leadership, motivation and change.

Dr. Michelle Rozen is the top choice for leading brands for the most actionable keynote speaker that creates unforgettable experiences. Join the world’s top brands that loved working with Dr. Michelle! Each experience that Dr. Michelle creates for her attendees is highly customized to meet that event’s unique goals. Her energy is unmatched, her connection with the attendees is unparalleled, and her actionable takeaways drive attendees to take action and thrive.

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Michael LomonacoChef & Partner of Porter House Bar & Grill NYC

Michael Lomonaco is the Chef & Partner of the highly respected and successful restaurant Porter House Bar and Grill along with his piano-cocktail lounge Center Bar. He is an original star of Food Network, a food and travel host on Discovery and Travel channels, and was a Distinguished Visiting Professor at CUNY. An esteemed veteran of American cooking and the New York restaurant scene, Michael has helmed some of NYC’s most iconic kitchens including ‘21’, Windows on the World, Wild Blue, Noche and Guastavino’s. His philanthropic work has made him a leader in the restaurant community and his hometown NYC.

Resilience is a journey, and it’s one that we all must embark upon if we are to thrive in this ever-changing world. These speakers have all faced and overcome significant challenges in their own lives and have much wisdom to share. Whether you’re looking to book a speaker for an event or simply seeking inspiration for your own personal journey, these resilience speakers offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. Remember, resilience is not just about bouncing back; it’s about growing stronger and more capable in the process.