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Are you looking to invigorate your team and propel your company culture to new heights?

Top business keynote speakers possess the transformative power to inspire, challenge, and catalyze growth within any organization.

Dive into this article to discover how finding the right speaker can revolutionize your next corporate event.

Top Business Speaker Profiles

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1. Daymond John

Daymond John, the dynamic founder of FUBU and a celebrated Shark Tank investor, brings unparalleled insights into branding and entrepreneurship. Learn more about Daymond John.

2. Ben Casnocha

Ben Casnocha, an entrepreneur and author, explores the intersections of technology, talent, and innovation in the modern workplace. Learn more about Ben Casnocha.

3. Claire Haidar

Claire Haidar, an innovative tech entrepreneur, challenges and inspires businesses to reimagine the future of work. Learn more about Claire Haidar.

4. Bridget Hilton

Bridget Hilton, founder of LSTN Sound Co., shares her journey on creating social impact through entrepreneurship. Learn more about Bridget Hilton.

5. Bob Marsh

Bob Marsh, an expert in sales leadership and performance management, provides strategies for accelerating business growth. Learn more about Bob Marsh.

6. April Hansen

April Hansen, a leader in healthcare staffing and innovation, shares insights on leadership and navigating industry challenges. Learn more about April Hansen.

7. Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec, a self-made millionaire and a leading Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, offers a deep dive into the mindset of successful entrepreneurship. Learn more about Robert Herjavec.

8. Shane Feldman

Shane Feldman, a community-building expert, uncovers the secrets to creating connected, engaged, and purposeful organizational cultures. Learn more about Shane Feldman.

9. Maci Peterson

Maci Peterson, a technology entrepreneur, shares her expertise on innovation, branding, and the power of digital transformation. Learn more about Maci Peterson.

10. Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary, a venture capitalist and a star on Shark Tank, offers candid advice on investing, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Learn more about Kevin O’Leary.

11. Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez, a baseball legend and a successful entrepreneur, discusses the principles of teamwork, leadership, and perseverance in business. Learn more about Alex Rodriguez.

12. Peter Sheahan

Peter Sheahan, known for his innovative business strategies, helps organizations identify and capitalize on unique growth opportunities. Learn more about Peter Sheahan.

13. Afdhel Aziz

Afdhel Aziz, an expert on brand purpose and social impact, demonstrates how companies can unlock their potential to do good in the world. Learn more about Afdhel Aziz.

14. Slava Rubin

Slava Rubin, the co-founder of Indiegogo, explores the future of crowdfunding and innovation in startup financing. Learn more about Slava Rubin.

15. Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran, a real estate mogul and Shark Tank star, shares her insights on entrepreneurship, real estate, and success. Learn more about Barbara Corcoran.

16. John Imah

John Imah, an expert in gaming and entertainment strategies, dives into the world of digital innovation and its impact on business. Learn more about John Imah.

17. John Henry

John Henry, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, talks about the importance of diversity and innovation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Learn more about John Henry.

18. Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis, a marketing savant, teaches how to leverage the curiosity gap to create engaging and compelling marketing strategies. Learn more about Andrew Davis.

19. Josh Linkner

Josh Linkner, a champion of creativity and innovation, provides actionable insights on harnessing the power of creativity for business growth. Learn more about Josh Linkner.

20. Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes, an imaginative entrepreneur, illustrates the power of brand storytelling and unique marketing in creating a cult-like customer base. Learn more about Johnny Cupcakes.


At Gotham Artists, we find top notch talent and ensure your event is seamless and successful. Tap below for pricing and availability of your perfect speaker.

How Business Keynote Speakers Benefit Entrepreneurs

Employees engaging with each other, having conversations in several groups. Employee engagement is one of the topics business keynote speakers discuss.

When a business keynote speaker takes the stage, their words have the power to reshape the very fabric of a company’s culture. Understanding this influence is crucial for any organization seeking growth and innovation. Here’s how these speakers can transform corporate culture:

  1. Introducing New Perspectives: Keynote speakers often bring diverse, outside perspectives that can challenge entrenched ways of thinking within a company. This fresh outlook can encourage employees to think outside the box and approach problems creatively.
  2. Emphasizing Core Values: A well-chosen speaker can reinforce a company’s core values, reminding employees of the foundational principles that guide their work. This reinforcement helps to maintain a consistent and value-driven company culture.
  3. Inspiring Change and Adaptability: Through their narratives, speakers can inspire a culture of adaptability and openness to change. By sharing stories of successful adaptation, they encourage employees to embrace change rather than resist it.
  4. Boosting Morale and Motivation: The energy and enthusiasm of a dynamic speaker can be contagious, uplifting the overall morale of the workforce. This boost in spirits often leads to increased productivity and a more positive work environment.
  5. Encouraging Inclusivity and Collaboration: Keynote speakers who focus on themes of inclusivity and teamwork can help foster a more collaborative and inclusive workplace. This approach strengthens interdepartmental relationships and breaks down silos within the organization.
  6. Promoting Leadership and Personal Growth: Many speakers focus on personal development and leadership skills, encouraging employees at all levels to take initiative and develop their leadership potential. This can lead to a culture where continuous learning and personal growth are valued.
  7. Addressing and Mitigating Workplace Challenges: Speakers can offer insights and strategies to address common workplace challenges, such as burnout or conflict resolution. By providing these tools, they help create a more harmonious and productive work environment.
  8. Setting the Tone for Future Endeavors: A keynote address can set the tone for upcoming projects or corporate initiatives, aligning the entire team’s focus and energy towards shared goals and objectives.
  9. Encouraging Social Responsibility and Ethical Practices: Speakers who emphasize social responsibility and ethics can influence a company’s culture to be more socially and environmentally conscious, aligning business practices with ethical standards.
  10. Fostering a Sense of Community: By sharing relatable experiences and insights, a keynote speaker can create a stronger sense of community among employees, making them feel more connected to each other and to the company’s mission.

The Role of Business Keynote Speakers in Corporate Events

At Gotham Artists, our extensive experience with a wide range of speakers gives us a unique insight into the pivotal role keynote speakers play in the success of corporate events. We listed them down for your reference:

Setting the Tone for the Event

The keynote speaker is often the highlight of a corporate event, setting the tone and establishing the theme for everything that follows. They are responsible for grabbing the audience’s attention right from the start, making the first impression that can either energize the room or leave attendees disengaged. This is why we understand the importance of matching the right speakers to every event to ensure that they are appropriate and inspiring.

One of the most valuable contributions of business keynote speakers is their ability to share insights and trends within the industry. These insights are not just theoretical. They are often drawn from the speaker’s own experiences, research, and observations. This real-world relevance makes the keynote address not just interesting, but invaluable for attendees looking to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Inspiring Innovation and Action

Beyond sharing knowledge, a great speaker inspires attendees to think differently and act boldly. Whether it’s through compelling storytelling, presenting challenging ideas, or sharing transformative business practices, speakers stimulate innovation and encourage action. Our commitment to selecting speakers who are not only thought leaders but also exceptional communicators ensures that audiences leave with the motivation and the tools to make impactful changes in their work and organizations.

Facilitating Networking and Conversations

Four women seated, having coffee, talking to each other.

The influence of a keynote speaker extends beyond their time on stage. The ideas and stories they share often become topics of conversation among attendees, facilitating networking and fostering connections that can lead to fruitful collaborations. A well-chosen keynote speaker can thus act as a catalyst for discussion, helping to knit the audience together into a community with shared interests and goals.

Enhancing Event Visibility and Attendance

The reputation and draw of a high-caliber business keynote speaker can significantly enhance the visibility of a corporate event, attracting a larger and more diverse audience. This is also something we excel at – leveraging our deep knowledge of and connections within the speaker industry to secure speakers who not only add value to the event itself but also boost its appeal to potential attendees.

Our experience at Gotham Artists place us in an ideal position to help organizations select and secure speakers who will not only meet but exceed these objectives, ensuring an event that is both memorable and transformative.


At Gotham Artists, we find top notch talent and ensure your event is seamless and successful. Tap below for pricing and availability of your perfect speaker.

The Easy Approach to Hiring Business Keynote Speakers

Gotham Artists understands the critical role these speakers play in your success story. With our expertise and curated roster of distinguished speakers, we are here to guide you in selecting the perfect voice to resonate with your team and your objectives.

Reach out to us today, and let us help you turn your next event into a milestone of inspiration and action.


How do I choose the right keynote speaker for my corporate event?

To choose the right keynote speaker, consider their relevance to your industry, ability to engage your audience, potential impact on attendees, and alignment with your budget. We assist in matching your event with speakers who excel in these areas, ensuring a memorable and impactful presentation.

What should I expect to pay for top business keynote speakers?

The cost for a high-quality speaker varies widely, ranging from a few thousand dollars for emerging experts to six figures for renowned figures. Factors such as fame, demand, and event specifics influence fees. Gotham Artists provides guidance on budgeting and securing the best terms within your budget.


At Gotham Artists, we find top notch talent and ensure your event is seamless and successful. Tap below for pricing and availability of your perfect speaker.